Easy, quick and convenient multi-store shopping in one location.


The Three E’s

My Signature System

With my signature shopping system in place, I curate a collection of wardrobe, accessories and shoes to create 25 outfits. No singular piece will slip through the closet doors.

After meeting you in person and seeing your existing wardrobe; I only purchase pieces that’ll expand and enhance your existing wardrobe.

Starting from scratch? No problem, this system leads the way and I’ll curate a strong, essential-based mix and match wardrobe that is outfit focused as well.

Triple your wardrobe by only receiving pieces, shoes and accessories that expand and enhance your existing wardrobe.

“I HATE shopping (my postpartum body was just not the same) so the thought of having less, but doing more, was amazing.

“She did some pre-shopping for me and then I tried on all the pieces. She was so friendly and comfortable to be around, didn’t push me at all to get anything, and even complimented me and my new “mom” body (thank you Hanna!!)”

Katie M.

“Hanna gave me great advice, which was to purchase versatile pieces that could be worn with different outfits.

Hanna is well worth the investment, is fun to work with, and if you’re anything like me, she will save you endless amounts of time, stress, and money.  In the end, you will have a closet full of clothes you will wear with confidence! I highly recommend Hanna!”

Karen R.

“It is so nice to have a decent size selection to chose from in the morning as far as what I’m going to wear to work and not have to wrack my brain on coming up with something!”

Crystal B.

“Shopping was usually stressful for me as I couldn’t find the correct sizes and never felt confident about pairing outfits or mixing and matching pieces.

 Being able to hand over the choices to a professional was very freeing!  

I left with so many wonderful outfits and what was especially nice is Hanna captured who I am. “

Lisa B.


It was on a Wednesday.  I had an “AHA” moment when I was working with a mom-client , Alexis (to this day her son was so adorably beautiful, I still remember his sweet face and well-decorated nursery.)

Meanwhile, I was discussing an over-the-top shopping extravaganza (brand name central and trendy) with another client.

So.not.me.  I’m not a trend person or a buy-this-just-because person. (Okay, I’ve had a few of these moments myself.. But they’re rare.)

Back to Alexis.  We were in her closet laughing about her then-giant-baby boobs and all things children related. She was feeling frustrated. Didn’t have the time (or desire) to shop.

I remember the moment thinking about the dreaded shopping-trendy-extravaganza and the mom.

In that instant, I KNEW.

I thought of Alexis and her being completely thrilled with her new functional-but-put-together wardrobe.

Wardrobe with purpose.

Whether you’re an empty nester or you’ve got young kids at home, let me help you look put together in less time with quick, easy and convenient shopping.

p.s- A week to that day I had my “mom AHA moment,”  I found out I was pregnant.  What are the odds?


Can’t I shop for myself?!

Of course you can!  If you’re a mom- you can.do.anything. But juuuust because you “can”, doesn’t mean you should.

I’m here to help you feel less stress around your wardrobe and everyday outfits.

I’ll save you time so you can enjoy being with your family, catching up with girlfriends or having a date night with your husband. And, I’ll save you money so you don’t buy pieces that make no sense and you donate or ditch weeks or months later.

What about boxes, Trunk Club and ship-to-you services like Stitch Fix? Why hire you?

Because I’ve been in your existing wardrobe and have met you in person- I know your style, body measurements and I know exactly what pieces will expand and enhance your existing wardrobe so you continue to have a collection of pieces versus one-and-done.

I also don’t have to get that magenta dress out of my inventory stock (or that chunky necklace).  I truly want what will serve you best and shop accordingly. 

Guaranteed happiness or receive a free second fitting

Imagine the day after our fitting you wake up to a freshly organized collection of wardrobe.

Everything has been thoughtfully planned out by someone else (fresh of breath air here!) and your wardrobe, shoes and accessories all beautifully blend together.

You don’t have an overstuffed closet of pieces but rather you now have a capsule of wardrobe that you love, want to wear and represents your lifestyle; career, motherhood and social life.  

Your wardrobe finally, encapsulates, YOU.

You, put together.

Investment: $1750.00 (includes one free seasonal shopping follow up done virtually to compliment our initial shop).