Audit & Styling

Closet Audit and Styling

You’re in a style rut.

You’re wearing the same predictable – dare I say – boring outfits, but you know you’ve got an abundant wardrobe.

During this two hour power session, I’ll be your fresh eyes with an expert opinon.  We’ll take inventory, audit quickly and create head-to-toe outfits. 

Show me what your struggling with, what’s working (and not) and we’ll talk outfits.  Whether you’ve got an upcoming special event or longer-than-normal trip, I’ll help you style outfits focusing on style and comfort.

She gave me great ideas about how to use pieces I already have in better ways and sent me great suggestions on pieces to add at various price points.  Next time I go shopping, I‘ll know what I’m looking for in terms of color and style, instead of just hoping I find something I like.    –Mel B.

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Step by Step

Phone Consult

We’ll chat on the phone about your style goals and get a sense of each other’s personalities.

You’ll answer an easy (less than 10 question) style intake form.

Closet Audit

We’ll take inventory, talk about what’s working and not. Ask me your questions (should I keep this? Get rid of?)

I’m basically the stylist version of google. Ask away! I will answer q’s (and we can trade our favorite books too!) No topic is off limits.

Styling Session

We’ll dig in.  In a super casual, no judgment setting (your home) we’ll dive in and create outfits with a goal in mind.  Whether you want help packing for a trip or you’ve got a few special events coming up, we’ll create head-to-toe outfits and photograph each.


We’ll photograph each outfit so you have don’t have to remember a thing- you’ll know exactly what to wear.

Wear and get ready for the compliments!

Sit back and relax. Soak in the compliments you’re about to receive. Amaze your family you’ve already packed for your week long trip.  Revel in the glory you’ve created!