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Before You Purchase: The Rule of Three

  As a stylist in Chicago I help successful women look put-together effortlessly.  As a very plan-driven, practical shopper, I’ve developed a true love for my “Rule of Three” when considering a new purchase.       My most important Rule of Three:Can you wear it three different ways in your existing wardrobe?  As a fashion stylist when I buy pieces for my clients and put together wardrobe collections, most importantly, I consider its versatility. There’s nothing like a beautifully made, neutral sweater that can be worn:. Under a suit... Read The Rest →

The Rule of Three

    As a personal shopper in Chicago, transitioning from summer to fall, I encourage people to remember the rule of three.  Beware of the summer sales as we head into fall!

How to dress: for a short torso

Do you have a short torso?  Short torso’s tend to have longer legs (I’m the opposite- long torso and short legs.)  Here are four ways to dress for your short torso so you can look fabulously balanced!   Outfit ideas for: short torso by hannaleestyle featuring distressing jeans

Rich Style. Real Budget. Tip #5

Tip #5 I have an affinity for all these tips but this is how I shop so well for my clients! Like the time I shopped for a client that was going to a cocktail event.  I bought 10 dresses and the first dress was perfect. The second was perfect. The third. You get the idea. It’s because I know styles that work REALLY well for different body types so my shopping is super-laser focused.

How to: stay professional (and chic) during spring & summer

Three tips to stay professional during spring and summer! 1. Choose an outer layer that has some structure.  Choosing a light jacket, blazer or my favorite, swazer, (sweater-blazer) will immediately kick up our outfit to read professional.  I know it’s hot, but a slouchy sweater doesn’t look so hot in the professional world.   Fabrics such as polyester/cotton blend are fabulous. Do you sweat so you’re scared to take off your jacket?  Have no fear! Check out Nudy Patooty- amazing undershirts and tanks for us ladies who sweat and they’re slimming... Read The Rest →

Rich Style. Real Budgets. Tip #4

            You can buy a lot of fancy shoes for fabulous prices these days! Or if you get them inexpensively, keep them clean! To this day I got one of my favorite pairs of black booties at this hidden gem of a TJMAXX, Elie Tahari. Check them out on my Instagram @hannaleestyle.  Let me see your shoes!  

Rich Style. Real Budgets. Tip #3

Buying darker colors like navy and black can make you look chic and like you have an expensive piece on! Even if it’s really just a $20 maxi dress from Target, you can add my favorite -costume jewelry and glam up any outfit!  (Or this Old Navy boucle blazer …)  

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