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Leggings: have people stare for the right reasons

If you’re in cold temperatures like most of the country and you’re starting to bust out your leggings for the season, here are a few ways to wear them and not have people staring for the wrong reasons.  Not in the cold?  Lucky you! Please ladies, treat leggings as you do tights. You don’t wear tights and a short shirt do you?  I didn’t think so (or so I hope!) If you’re one of few women that has dream legs (good for you!) there are plenty of ways to flaunt... Read The Rest →

How To: Hide Belly Fat

Do you know one of the most common body types is the rectangle?  Rectangle bodies (same shoulder and hip measurements, with lack of a defined waist.) Rectangles often have tummy troubles so it’s my job as a style consultant to get creative and find the best solution.  It’s easy with these four fat-blasting dresses! And, as a bonus, dresses are a super quick way to look put-together quickly.  We love that don’t we?     Want free shopping? Hop on my mailing list!  You’ll get free shopping like my favorite... Read The Rest →

As a wardrobe stylist ….

Being a fashion stylist (wardrobe stylist, personal shopper) is an amazing job and opportunity.  Truly, I am so grateful to do what I love (shopping.)   Here’s an example of a dressing room that I setup for a client! What does your dream dressing room look like?  If you could work with a stylist (Chicago or anywhere) what would you walk in and find? Write down what you would see or have found for you. This will help you when you decide to hire someone or when you are shopping... Read The Rest →

Before You Purchase: The Rule of Three

  As a stylist in Chicago I help successful women look put-together effortlessly.  As a very plan-driven, practical shopper, I’ve developed a true love for my “Rule of Three” when considering a new purchase.       My most important Rule of Three:Can you wear it three different ways in your existing wardrobe?  As a fashion stylist when I buy pieces for my clients and put together wardrobe collections, most importantly, I consider its versatility. There’s nothing like a beautifully made, neutral sweater that can be worn:. Under a suit... Read The Rest →

The Rule of Three

    As a personal shopper in Chicago, transitioning from summer to fall, I encourage people to remember the rule of three.  Beware of the summer sales as we head into fall!

How to dress: for a short torso

Do you have a short torso?  Short torso’s tend to have longer legs (I’m the opposite- long torso and short legs.)  Here are four ways to dress for your short torso so you can look fabulously balanced!   Outfit ideas for: short torso by hannaleestyle featuring distressing jeans

Rich Style. Real Budget. Tip #5

Tip #5 I have an affinity for all these tips but this is how I shop so well for my clients! Like the time I shopped for a client that was going to a cocktail event.  I bought 10 dresses and the first dress was perfect. The second was perfect. The third. You get the idea. It’s because I know styles that work REALLY well for different body types so my shopping is super-laser focused.

How to: stay professional (and chic) during spring & summer

Three tips to stay professional during spring and summer! 1. Choose an outer layer that has some structure.  Choosing a light jacket, blazer or my favorite, swazer, (sweater-blazer) will immediately kick up our outfit to read professional.  I know it’s hot, but a slouchy sweater doesn’t look so hot in the professional world.   Fabrics such as polyester/cotton blend are fabulous. Do you sweat so you’re scared to take off your jacket?  Have no fear! Check out Nudy Patooty- amazing undershirts and tanks for us ladies who sweat and they’re slimming... Read The Rest →

Rich Style. Real Budgets. Tip #4

            You can buy a lot of fancy shoes for fabulous prices these days! Or if you get them inexpensively, keep them clean! To this day I got one of my favorite pairs of black booties at this hidden gem of a TJMAXX, Elie Tahari. Check them out on my Instagram @hannaleestyle.  Let me see your shoes!  

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