How to shop creatively on a budget

Did you shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale?

Whether you did or didn’t, I bet you were sick of seeing it in your newsfeed, am I right?  It’s so incredibly popular because we all love a good deal, right?

Even my highest end clients want a deal or something on sale.

I get it.

If you didn’t shop the sale, or you weren’t lucky enough to have a grandma that had Chanel (ahem, me) or you’re not a fashion blogger having wardrobe thrown at you, this guide is for you if you want to look (and feel) rich on a real budget.

It all starts with how you want to feel. Here’s a sneak peek.

How you want to feel allows you to search keywords using your desired feeling. For example, I wanted to feel “subtle sexiness.” I wanted a pantsuit and it led me to an outfit I felt like a million bucks in (but only paid $63.00).
How to shop creatively on a budget, Hanna Lee Style,
It’s a step by step guide how to shop creatively on a budget and what to search for.

Secrets from a Stylist Rich Style Real Budgets, Hanna Lee Style,

I’ve created an insider’s shopping guide that reveals my secrets as a stylist:

  • How to shop creatively on a budget (and not be crying about it)
  • Be liberated that you can shop on a budget but still feel confident enough to run into your ex or stand out at the next work-enforced gala (in a good way, not the “oh that dress does her no favors” way)
  • Resourceful that you only spent $60 on a head-to-toe outfit knowing you can still sip margaritas at the beach next year with your bffs

And because we all love a deal (wink) I’ve included lots of fun bonuses:


Three Piece Formula to Look Put-Together, Hanna Lee Style,
What’s your favorite “Rich Style, Real Budget” find?

20 Head-to-toe outfits on your phone

20 Head-to-toe outfits, Hanna Lee Style,

Have you ever said, “I have nothing to wear!”  yet your closet is literally packed.  Shoes are almost spilling out.  And you’ve got some really great pieces ? (In fact, probably a lot of hidden gems you’ve forgotten about.)

Here’s your solution: 20 expertly styled, head-to-toe outfits done for you from your existing wardrobe!

Feel overjoyed to get dressed in the mornings, have your extra cup of coffee and have too many outfits to choose from.

Watch the video to see this service in action! As a stylist, I love helping people create outfits and utilize what they own. I of course loove shopping but we so often forget what we own and it’s a big help as an outsider to come in with fresh eyes- your wardrobe is totally new for me so I see endless outfit possibilities!

Watch the video here!

How to mix prints 101.

As a wardrobe stylist, I’m often being asked how to mix prints.

Here are my top two tips to mix prints beautifully:

  1. Choose one large scale print (like a wide stripe) and a small scale print (like these small polka dots)
  2. Choose similar color tones (a floral skirt with yellows? Pair it with a yellow stripe shirt!) Voila!



Minimum Effort. Maximum Style.

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