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Which TV character has your style?

Whether you’re Olivia Pope, Carrie Bradshaw or Claire Underwood, I’ve got your (style) covered with my summer must-haves (all under $100.00)!  Shop the outfits here and then see how to wear the outfits depending which TV character you are!


Olivia Pope:
Signature Style descriptions:

Sophisticated. Understated sexy.  Classic. Neutral wardrobe. Platform shoes.

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Carrie Bradshaw: Signature style descriptions:

Anything goes. Pattern mixing. Textures. Big accessories. Higher shoes the better.


She’d layer the stripe tee under the printed dress, roll up the cuffs of the denim jacket (stripe layer tee peeking out) tie the scarf around her head and would probably wear three of this necklace and top it off with these earrings.

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Claire Underwood: Signature Style descriptions:

Classic. Fitted. Anne Fontaine white shirts. Queen of minimalism. Black and white.

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The one heel to buy this spring-summer

This is the one heel to buy for spring/summer

The $99 go-with-everything shoe to be on trend this spring/summer

As you know I’m not a big trend person unless you want to try it – (which, I recommend buying the trend inexpensively).  But… I’m happy to see all the stacked heels in trend for spring summer.  It’s the best do-it-all heel of heels.

Comfortable and chic.  You can wear this neutral heel to work, weddings, showers and out with friends.  Seriously, I love it (and own many).

Do-it-all-heel, Hanna Lee Style,

3 Ways to Outstyle the Rain

3 Ways to Outstyle the Rain, Hanna Lee Style,


Long gone are the tall boots (unless your puddle stomping- if so, good for you)!   Wear these cute little short booties with your chic ankle pants or tights and a dress.  Buy these before they’re sold out- they’ll go fast! (Remember that crazy Hunter phase when they were sold out everywhere)?

Buy them here3 Ways to Outstyle the Rain, Hanna Lee Style,








Love this clear umbrella to up your style game aaaand it says “Rain Check?” How cute is that? Go here for this stylish umbrella.3 Ways to Outstyle the Rain, Hanna Lee Style,


Keep your hair ultra stylish by throwing it up in a chic pony or a high bun and add this colorful turban headband.  Love this and it’s under $20.00!3 Ways to Outstyle the Rain, Hanna Lee Style,

The Only Fashion Rule to Follow

If you haven’t heard of this rule-it’s the only “rule” in my (style) book that I follow and encourage other clients to follow.


The Rule of Three.

The Rule of Three: everything in your closet should work at least three different ways.  It’s my secret style weapon to avoid trends, not leave the dressing room disappointed (yet again) and to have the most versatile wardrobe yet.  The key to a slim and sufficient wardrobe is versatility.


    1. Can it work three different ways in your wardrobe?  

           If not:  Will you learn and take the time to make it work three different ways? (Be brutally honest here. If a sequined skirt throws you into a tailspin- don’t buy it!) 


 2.  If it’s an investment piece, will you wear it in a year, two or three?  

 For the utmost versatility, an investment piece should be classic in cut and style.  Think neutral core colors like black, camel, charcoal or navy. 


3.  If it weren’t on sale, would you be purchasing it or does it seem like an “I have to buy it-it’s on sale!”

Give yourself 24 hours if you’re on the fence.  If you’re still thinking about it the next day, go on back and buy it, enjoy!


4 Ways to Style a Turtleneck, Hanna Lee Style,

4 Ways to Style a Turtleneck, Hanna Lee Style,

4 Ways to Style a Turtleneck, Hanna Lee Style, http://hannaleestyle.wpengine.com4 Ways to Style a Turtleneck, Hanna Lee Style,