How to Stay Work Appropriate During the Winter

How to Stay Work Appropriate During the Winter:
Hint: Chic Pair of Boots Required

How to Stay Work Appropriate During the Winter, Hanna Lee Style, How to Stay Work Appropriate During the Winter, Hanna Lee Style, How to Stay Work Appropriate During the Winter, Hanna Lee Style,

A lot of my clients struggle with winter wardrobe and the shoe dilemma. I get it!

Stay chic this winter (and work appropriate) by wearing your go-to black boots.  Pair them with a skinny pant, skirt and dress (obviously add tights!)

Keep a pair of go-to boots at the ready (waterproof preferred!)  Some of my favorite brands are Blondo and Aquatalia.

And remember, always wear your layer to pull-it-all-together.

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5 Tips to Audit Your Closet (For a Good Cause!)

If you’re wanting to pretend spring is near or you have the time to finally audit your closet, here’s a free resource you’ll want to download!

The bonus to auditing your closet?  It’s for a great cause!

If you’re new to donating or consigning items, please check out North Shore Exchange. They’re an extraordinary nonprofit organization and 100% of their profits go to charity. How amazing is that?

Click here to download the FREE guide to Audit Your Closet!



5 Tips to Audit Your Closet, Hanna Lee Style,

Nothing to donate or consign but you want to support such a great cause? SHOP! They have a wide selection of home, accessories and wardrobe. Here are a few of my favorites in store right now:


Don’t forget to use these 5 tips to audit your closet so you can get dressed easier, enhance your style and donate to a good cause!



How to Wear Denim to Work on Friday

5 Outfit Ideas Business Casual Friday

I know it can be difficult to decipher what to wear on business casual Fridays when many offices allow denim. Here’s how to wear denim on Friday.

Remember, dark denim is your best bet to look the dressiest (whether it’s Friday or date night..)

Have a beautiful weekend!

Business Casual Outfit Ideas,Hanna Lee Style,

Business Casual Outfit Ideas,Hanna Lee Style, How to: Business Casual Fridays, Hanna Lee Style, Business Casual Outfit Ideas,Hanna Lee Style, www.hannaleestyle.comHow to: Business Casual Fridays, Hanna Lee Style, Business Casual Outfit Ideas,Hanna Lee Style,

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I also wanted to show you how easily a shoe can transform an outfit. Don’t forget, sometimes it’s as easy as swapping your shoe to change your look!

How to: Business Casual Fridays, Hanna Lee Style,  How to: Business Casual Fridays, Hanna Lee Style,  

Three Ways to Wear: Little Black Dress

You know I love all things practical but stylish!  Grab your little black dress and wear it three days this week.

Yes, I said three days! No one will ever know with how different these outfits look.

Here are three ways you can wear your little black dress (LBD) this winter. (Hint: It’s all about the layers)!

1. Layer a turtleneck over your LBD so it looks like a turtleneck dress. Always add your third piece to pull it all together like this vest. Finish with accessories, voila!

Three Ways to Wear Your LBD This Winter, Hanna Lee Style,
2. Add a denim button up and leave it open, add your shawl vest and done!
Three Ways to Wear Your LBD This Winter, Hanna Lee Style,

3. Pair it with your favorite swazer (sweater-blazer), add scarf and big earrings. Easy!

Three Ways to Wear Your LBD This Winter, Hanna Lee Style,

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How to Wear Leopard

How to Wear Leopard (without looking like your child’s stuffed animal..)

When leopard is done well, it’s lovely.  But when it’s not?  Scary stuff.  How does one know? Avoid ultra plush leopard fur or you’ll look like that stuffed animal in your son or daughter’s closet.

Keep it tame by pairing it with classic staples like a black turtleneck and dark denim.

Want to try wearing it but you’re afraid? Try a clutch or a skinny belt for a little pop -and you’ll know you haven’t gone overboard!


How to Wear Leopard, Hanna Lee Style,

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My Husband’s Funeral

“Is it weird I didn’t wear black to my husband’s funeral?”

While my Grandma Jean inspired my entire career, we’d never actually once talked about wardrobe (let alone in that intimate of a moment). I remember it so vividly. Her hand on my knee. Which felt both comforting and uncomfortable.

She wore a stunning Escada charcoal skirt suit with faint purple pinstripes.  As she said this, she looked down while she pressed the hem of her charcoal pinstripe skirt.  I’d never felt so close to her, physically or emotionally.

My grandma literally inspired my entire career as a personal stylist. Not in a way where we baked cookies together and talked about fashion trends or our favorite designers. Sadly, we never had a conversation about our love for all things beautiful and gold. (Wink).

What inspired me most? My Grandma Jean’s wardrobe and overall look spoke so much about who she was, who she wanted to be. She stayed true to herself -no matter the event and its expectations on how one should dress.

She owned her style.

My grandma didn’t wear black to her husband’s funeral because it wasn’t her style. She hadn’t followed typical style norms her entire life, why begin then?

Whether it was eating a hot dog (and inevitably spilling mustard on herself), a luxurious event with hundreds of people or her husband’s funeral, her style (and self) remained the same.

After recently watching a Mindhunter episode, I was once again reminded of her consistent style: classic, tailored and often a pop of something unique.

There was discussion about wardrobe and how it silently spoke.

Holden asked his girlfriend Debbie, “What would you wear if no one was watching?”

So, I’d love to extend that question and hear from you; What would YOU wear if no one was watching?

Three Casual But Put Together Outfit Ideas For New Years Eve

Ring in the New Year with these easy-but-chic outfit ideas.

We’re going on year 5 of our tradition- dinner with our best friends and kids.  It’s lovely, easy, fun and I sometimes make it until midnight.

As you know, as a personal stylist I love helping women put together head-to-toe outfits especially using my favorite “rule”. The Rule of Three: Wear your wardrobe three different existing ways!

Here are three casual but put-together outfit ideas using the same shirt, grey denim and faux fur vest (BRRRR. It’s cold!)

(Wear your winter boots and replace shoes once inside).

Cheers, have a lovely evening and be safe!


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Tried-and-True Favorite Brands for Sizes 14-20

As holidays approach and you’re out shopping, here are a few of my favorite size-inclusive brands that I’ve loved for my clients!

The plus size (by the way, I hate this term, it’s ridiculous)  market is extremely frustrating and limited (and I am saying this as a stylist!)

So if you’re between a 14-20, I am sorry the fashion industry is behind the times.

However, in an effort to always serve my clients and hopefully YOU, I’ve put together a list of my favorites that I know are tried- and-true (they’ve worked really well for my clients). 

Favorite Size 14-20 brands that have worked well for my clients:
       Bryn Walker
       Calvin Tran (Some not all)
       Eileen Fisher
       Marina Rinaldi
       Rickie Freeman for Teri John

If you have any favorites that I’m missing, please leave a comment!


Tried & True- New Boot Discovery!

As a personal stylist, one of my greatest loves is discovering new brands that others don’t know about and of course- sharing the new brand discover and love!

I bought this boot last year and can’t tell you how much I LOVE it.
Tried and true brand recommendation: Rieker. (I own this pair!)

But here’s another cute pair too.

It’s comfortable and incredibly warm.  Winter is coming ladies!

I suggest wearing these with a black skinny pant or black tights/dress combo so you elongate your leg.
Tried & True Boots, Hanna Lee Style,
Happy shopping!