How to: wear your red dress after Valentine’s day!

The secret to wearing your LRD again?

Layers! How’d you know?  I’ll assume most fashion consultants and stylists like myself are pretty addicted to layers.  Especially with my pregnancy dressing, it’s such a beautiful, easy and affordable way to change any outfit.  Lots of stretch dresses and layers.

From a cozy knit neutral sweater to a leather jacket you can completely change how one dress looks.  You know I love the Rule of Three so find a red dress you can wear for your Valentine’s date night and beyond.



4 ways to wear your red dress


4 New Ways to Rock Your LBD

If you’re anything like me you’ve got a lot of black in your wardrobe! It’s easy, chic and always works.  However, it can be terribly mundane and frankly, safe.  You’re not mundane and safe are you?!

Here are 4 ways to shake up your LBD rut.

4 new ways to rock your LBD


Building a holiday wardrobe collection: 3 must-have pieces

My holiday wardrobe has changed over the years becoming more relaxed (lucky me!)  But there’s something about looking really put-together and festive for the holidays  that’s so much fun.  So if looking to step up and out of your favorite flannels, here are three pieces you should have in your holiday wardrobe collection.3 must have holiday pieces

1. A black sweater dress: warm and comfortable (and you don’t have to worry about unbuttoning pants, yay!)  I love a sweater dress because it can really be dressed up or down in a matter of seconds.

Dress it down with leggings and a flat black boot and fun necklace. Easy, comfortable and chic.

Dress it up:  wear a sheer black tight and a sexy pair of booties for date night.  Pair it with a dressier evening coat and have a fresh face of makeup with a bright red lip, voila!

2. Sequins: I really cannot get enough of sequins year-round but they are a number one in my book for holiday!  Sparkle and shine, what’s not to love? Dress it down: layer a denim shirt over it, cuffs rolled with a slim black pant.  Or layer a shorter chunky sweater over it so the bottom 3-4 inches of sequins pop out acting as a ruffle layer and pair it with denim. Easy and fun!

Dress it up:  Most sequin tops tend to be a boxier cut so pair it with a slim fitting pencil skirt or your sexiest dark denim.   Sequin skirt?  Pair it with a fitted v-neck style top.

3. A pop of color: red or pink:  color is such an easy, fun way to look festive without overdoing it.  Dress it down: pair your bright blouse or sweater with your favorite denim pants, a sweater jacket and top it off with simple jewelry; a pair of thin hoops or sparkly stud earrings!

Dress it up:  Be bold and wear it with your black sequin skirt!   Or pair your bright blouse with a wide leg black pant, fabulous gold necklace, great evening party coat and a black pump.  Lastly, you could also go bold and color block it.  Simply choose the color it’s opposite on the color wheel!  Going for the red? Choose a fabulous turquoise skirt!

What’s your favorite holiday look?

Safe travels and have FUN! 

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 12.03.27 PM




Leggings: have people stare for the right reasons

If you’re in cold temperatures like most of the country and you’re starting to bust out your leggings for the season, here are a few ways to wear them and not have people staring for the wrong reasons.  Not in the cold?  Lucky you!

Please ladies, treat leggings as you do tights. You don’t wear tights and a short shirt do you?  I didn’t think so (or so I hope!)

If you’re one of few women that has dream legs (good for you!) there are plenty of ways to flaunt those without wearing leggings and a shirt that hits your waist.

When you wear leggings your top piece should cover your butt. You might be saying to yourself “rules schmules,” but please,

Here are some easy, fabulous ways to cover it up and look chic while braving the cold!

Cheers to staying chic in the cold!

How to : wear leggings

How To: Hide Belly Fat

Do you know one of the most common body types is the rectangle?  Rectangle bodies (same shoulder and hip measurements, with lack of a defined waist.)

Rectangles often have tummy troubles so it’s my job as a style consultant to get creative and find the best solution.  It’s easy with these four fat-blasting dresses!

And, as a bonus, dresses are a super quick way to look put-together quickly.  We love that don’t we?




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As a wardrobe stylist ….

Being a fashion stylist (wardrobe stylist, personal shopper) is an amazing job and opportunity.  Truly, I am so grateful to do what I love (shopping.)   Here’s an example of a dressing room that I setup for a client!

What does your dream dressing room look like?  If you could work with a stylist (Chicago or anywhere) what would you walk in and find?

Write down what you would see or have found for you. This will help you when you decide to hire someone or when you are shopping for yourself!


photo copy 2

Before You Purchase: The Rule of Three


As a stylist in Chicago I help successful women look put-together effortlessly.  As a very plan-driven, practical shopper, I’ve developed a true love for my “Rule of Three” when considering a new purchase.





My most important Rule of Three:Can you wear it three different ways in your existing wardrobe? 

As a fashion stylist when I buy pieces for my clients and put together wardrobe collections, most importantly, I consider its versatility.

There’s nothing like a beautifully made, neutral sweater that can be worn:.

  • Under a suit for classic perfection
  • With a skirt, tights, boots and earrings for date night
  • Worn casually with dark denim and boots for strolling the city

Easy! Three outfits and more.

While that beautiful leather pleated skirt may look fabulous on the mannequin and in your (dream) life, will it pair easily and effortlessly in your existing wardrobe?

Don’t get the leather skirt if:

  • You don’t have or want to take the time to play with outfits
  • You’re unsure if it’s office appropriate
  • You have to buy three or more pieces to make the one work


 Secondly, If it’s an investment piece, will you wear it in a year? Two? Three?

Don’t get caught in the trends of the moment.  If a piece or accessory is an investment for your current budget, have it be a piece you’ll love in minimally a year but five or more is really fabulous.

There’s nothing like a well-made, black handbag that’s timeless and can be worn with anything.

Lastly, the big four letter word. Sale! If an item weren’t on sale, would you pay full price?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of a “sale.”  Give yourself 24 hours and if you’re still thinking about the piece the next day, go ahead and buy it.

More often than not, you’ll forget about it.

Do you really love the item and it’s on sale? That’s just a shopping bonus!

Love the leather look?  Shop it here:

The Rule of Three



As a personal shopper in Chicago, transitioning from summer to fall, I encourage people to remember the rule of three.  Beware of the summer sales as we head into fall!

How to dress: for a short torso

Do you have a short torso?  Short torso’s tend to have longer legs (I’m the opposite- long torso and short legs.)  Here are four ways to dress for your short torso so you can look fabulously balanced!  Outfit ideas for: short torso

Date night outfit ideas: busty ladies

date night outfit ideas
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