The Only Fashion Rule to Follow

If you haven’t heard of this rule-it’s the only “rule” in my (style) book that I follow and encourage other clients to follow.


The Rule of Three.

The Rule of Three: everything in your closet should work at least three different ways.  It’s my secret style weapon to avoid trends, not leave the dressing room disappointed (yet again) and to have the most versatile wardrobe yet.  The key to a slim and sufficient wardrobe is versatility.


    1. Can it work three different ways in your wardrobe?  

           If not:  Will you learn and take the time to make it work three different ways? (Be brutally honest here. If a sequined skirt throws you into a tailspin- don’t buy it!) 


 2.  If it’s an investment piece, will you wear it in a year, two or three?  

 For the utmost versatility, an investment piece should be classic in cut and style.  Think neutral core colors like black, camel, charcoal or navy. 


3.  If it weren’t on sale, would you be purchasing it or does it seem like an “I have to buy it-it’s on sale!”

Give yourself 24 hours if you’re on the fence.  If you’re still thinking about it the next day, go on back and buy it, enjoy!


4 Ways to Style a Turtleneck, Hanna Lee Style,

4 Ways to Style a Turtleneck, Hanna Lee Style,

4 Ways to Style a Turtleneck, Hanna Lee Style, http://www.hannaleestyle.com4 Ways to Style a Turtleneck, Hanna Lee Style,


Instantly look put-together with these coats

Seasons are so beautiful and I loooove how we can change the look of our outfits so easily with our coats!  You can wear classic pieces like a white shirt and black slim pant and add a beautiful coat.  The entire outfit looks instantly polished!

Here are a few of my favorites this holiday season:

Because it has sequins and makes everything happier, here











Because it creates a waist and the pop of navy is different, here











While I love black for it’s versatility sometimes a pop of color is just what we need for the winter months, here











Because I think everyone should have a REALLY fun piece of outerwear that is faNM-5XZJ_mkbulous and a statement on it’s own. LOVE THIS.



I love a “throw-and-go” piece. This is perfect for holidays for arm coverage and a fun piece to have in your wardrobe! Here

The #1 tip to conquer shopping overwhelm

Have you ever dreamt of having a different figure?  I know I have.  Before I became a stylist I bought things that were TOTALLY not right for my figure(and hey, I still make mistakes!)

But when did I really realize I needed to shop for my figure?  See the very bad (furry) mistake here.

I can’t tell you how many clients would have “never tried that on..” and then, pulling on that dress they couldn’t “believe it.”  Well, I am here to tell you that when you know your figure you can conquer shopping overwhelm.  You’ll know exactly what to google or shop for.  Life and shopping become that much easier.


#1 tip to conquer shoppingoverwhelm, Hanna Lee Style,


I created this guide to help women embrace and dress for the figures they have, not the ones they want!

Once you purchase the guide and determine your figure, you can follow your figure board on Pinterest for FREE SHOPPING every first Thursday of the month I add new items!


Desk-to-dinner in under 10 minutes

Desk-to-dinner in under 10 minutes

Three quick transitions to go from desk-to-dinner

Three quick transitions from desk-to-dinner:

  1. Go bold red! You absolutely could be sporting this at work (fabulous!) But for those of you in more conservative offices, adding a red lip for night immediately changes your look.
  2. Higher the heel.  Choosing a higher heel for night simply says, “Less work, more play!” If you have a difficult time in heels, chose a wedge!
  3.  Choose (faux) leather.  During the summer from desk to date wear faux leather (it’s much lighter and more breathable!) A leather jacket will immediately make your work outfit look more night outfit.  There are SO many amazing, inexpensive faux leather jackets out right now. I’m obsessed!  I’ve included a few of my favorites at the bottom of the e-mail. 



Go bold red!
Higher heel is always sexier for night.
Go faux!