Stop: Before You Sale Shop

March Madness= amazing sales. I don’t know about you but I want to scoop it ALL up.

Then, I pause.  Ninety-nine percent of the time we already own what that piece is we’re coveting.

The sale racks are great to invest in hearty staples if you’ve outworn your winter coat or your favorite boots but don’t buy another tank or black tee just because “it’s on sale.”

Your closet will thank you.

BeforeYouHittheSaleRack, Hanna Lee Style,

Secrets from a Stylist

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The top 10 heels that look as good as they feel, Hanna Lee Style,

Beauty Hack: 1 Product You Need to Know

Hanna Lee Style, Beauty Hack: 1 Product You Need to Know, www.hannaleestyle.comHanna Lee Style, Beauty Hack: 1 Product You Need to Know, www.hannaleestyle.comThis foundation stick is one of my go-tos as of late

I was renewing my makeup and the saleswoman asked if I was really taking “5 minutes” to do my makeup.

I lied and said yes because 5 minutes seems like no time at all but honestly?  Henry’s often in prime I-want-mom-mode in the mornings and he’s tugging at my legs pushing me to move while I’m doing my makeup so it needs to be FAST.

This is my go-to foundation stick for fast results and during the winter. 

If you don’t have skin problems (like myself as of late, BOO!) you can use the stick directly on your skin.

Otherwise, I use a stippling brush to build the foundation (so you can use as much coverage as you need.)

Easy and fast. Voila!

P.S- Don’t forget to wash your brushes.  Yikes!
This one I have here was recommended by my favorite on-set makeup artist. It’s under $12.00.
Have a happy week!

3 Quick Ways to Brighten Your Winter Wardrobe

Hanna Lee Style, 3 Quick Ways to Brighten Your Winter Wardrobe, www.hannaleestyle.com3 Ways to Brighten Your Winter Wardrobe

Hanna Lee Style, 3 Ways to Brighten Your Winter Wardrobe, If you’re anything like me and you need a pop of color to brighten your winter wardrobe (and yourself) try out these quick tips to add a little color to your winter wardrobe!

P.S-You’ll notice a color trend in this e-mail.

This is one of my favorite looks-good-on-everyone colors.  Try it and you’ll be hooked!


Hanna Lee Style, 3 Ways to Brighten Your Winter Wardrobe,

1. Wear a bright coat.  It instantly ups your spirit. I promise!

Hanna Lee Style, 3 Ways to Brighten Your Winter Wardrobe,

2. Wear a bright dress. It works from day to night.

Hanna Lee Style, 3 Ways to Brighten Your Winter Wardrobe,

3. Pop a colorful scarf on your outfit.  It adds color near your face and voila, you, more put-together.

Here’s to YOU, only brighter!

One Style Swap under $50

This is one of my favorite faux finds (maybe ever!)

Style Swap under $50, Hanna Lee Style,

Faux leather jackets are some of my favorites for layering because they’re incredibly comfortable and lightweight, and they add so much style to any outfit!

Wear it under your favorite leopard  sweater or under your favorite vest- immediately adds depth and texture!
Style Swap under $50, Hanna Lee Style,


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Why I cut the sleeves off my grandmas Chanel blazer

I had my grandmas Chanel blazer turned into a vest. I knew I’d wear it ten times more if it were a vest. If you’ve been following me, you know I looove vests.

We make a lot of decisions in our day-to-day lives and getting dressed doesn’t have to be one more (stressful) decision.  

 I’m all about ease and looking put-together quickly.

  For me and most of my clients, versatility is vital and it’s exactly why I made this blazer a vest.

What’s in your closet that you could transform so you’d wear it more often?  Maybe it’s as simple as lengthening the arms? Hemming an inch or two from a pant?  Taking your purse to be professionally cleaned?

• Hem a maxi so you can wear it casually (READ: MORE OFTEN) with a pair of metallic flat sandals/booties/shoes
• Remove the sleeves from a blazer
• Change the buttons on a blazer or a coat

I also RIT dyed it a brighter pink. This was a little crazy so I’m not sure I’d recommend you doing so. I’m suuuuper glad I did though!

What can you transform TODAY?

 Shop the outfits here 


Which TV character has your style?

Whether you’re Olivia Pope, Carrie Bradshaw or Claire Underwood, I’ve got your (style) covered with my summer must-haves (all under $100.00)!  Shop the outfits here and then see how to wear the outfits depending which TV character you are!


Olivia Pope:
Signature Style descriptions:

Sophisticated. Understated sexy.  Classic. Neutral wardrobe. Platform shoes.

 Shop Olivia Pope’s outfits here




Carrie Bradshaw: Signature style descriptions:

Anything goes. Pattern mixing. Textures. Big accessories. Higher shoes the better.


She’d layer the stripe tee under the printed dress, roll up the cuffs of the denim jacket (stripe layer tee peeking out) tie the scarf around her head and would probably wear three of this necklace and top it off with these earrings.

Shop Carrie’s outfit here



Claire Underwood: Signature Style descriptions:

Classic. Fitted. Anne Fontaine white shirts. Queen of minimalism. Black and white.

Shop Claire’s outfit here