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20 Outfits at Your Fingertips

Imagine never again wondering “what to wear”. 20 expertly styled head-to-toe outfits with one click to your private app.

No new purchases, yet you’ll feel like you have a completely new wardrobe.

Whether you’re traveling for work, fun or you want new outfit ideas- this is perfect for the woman that wants to utilize and maximize her existing wardrobe.

She gave me great ideas about how to use pieces I already have in better ways and sent me great suggestions on pieces to add at various price points.  Next time I go shopping, I‘ll know what I’m looking for in terms of color and style, instead of just hoping I find something I like.    –Mel B.

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The Results

Private and customized app

20 Head-to-Toe Outfits at your fingertips

Instantly look put together with your “new” wardrobe

11.5 hours saved each month from deciding “what to wear”


How Does It Work?

“I hired Hanna to help pack for a two week trip and she helped me pack with functionality! This was like turning my closet into my own personal Pinterest Board of outfits! Amazing.”- Jessica Z.

Phone Consult

We’ll chat on the phone about your style goals and get a sense of each other’s personalities.

You’ll answer an easy (less than 10 question) style intake form.


Whether you have a trip you’re taking, or you want to focus on pieces you love but wear too much (or not enough), I’ll ask you to set aside “must use” and “avoid” pieces prior to my coming over.


Don’t be alarmed- I bring in an oversized white canvas board (I set the outfits on the canvas for a clean white background).

I dig in! I literally create 20 head-to-toe outfits and photograph each outfit.

Receive Your App

Within 72 hours of our session, you will receive a link to download your app on your phone! It’s that easy.

Get Dressed Effortlessly and Save Hours every week
Imagine every morning, you can sleep in knowing that you have 20 expertly styled outfits at the ready.  Oh wait, you already know this because you have it.

Enjoy your app and the knowledge that you made a super wise investment (wink).