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Look put together, shop strategically and conquer outfit overwhelm.

You’ve never been taught how to look put together, to shop strategically or how to create an outfit that looks put together.

Until now…

After a decade of working with private clients and on sets of TV commercials and print advertisements, I’m revealing my stylist secrets, tips and tricks to help you look put together quickly.

 (Does it) Fit 101

 Learn the very basics of fit, including a handy easy-to-comprehend fit 101 cheat sheet!

  • Basics of fit: how to tell if something fits

  • Fit 101: the #1 stylist secret to finding the perfect denim fit

  • An easy-to-comprehend fit cheat sheet, including lengths to know of your pant hems and arm lengths


Audit your wardrobe to be left with wardrobe that fits and functions the way it’s supposed to. Whether it’s opening an armhole, cinching a waist or taking off the sleeves, I’ll give you recommendations how to enhance your existing wardrobe.

  • 3 easy questions to ask yourself if you should get rid, donate or toss

  • Instant time savings: save 20 minutes every morning by having less

  • Discover the #1 piece to repurpose & triple your wardrobe

Look Put Together, Hanna Lee Style,

Become a shopping pro

Fill in the gaps with STRATEGIC shopping; learn to shop smarter and purchase pieces that enhance your wardrobe.  I’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at how I shop for private clients. You’ll also discover new brands and my pro shopping secret website.

  • Save money: curb your spending and purchase only pieces that will enhance your existing wardrobe

  • Revealed: The miracle shopping website

  • How to shop boutiques (without spending a fortune)

Outfit It!

Discover and photograph 20 new outfits in less than two hours. See my step by step process (it’s quite fun!)

  • Discover the three piece outfit formula to look put-together quickly

  • Accessorize without overwhelm or frustration

  • Master looking put-together but not overdone

I have been LOVING my new look!  It is so fun getting dressed in the morning now 🙂 –Judy M.

Personal Stylist in Chicago


I’m Hanna, a personal stylist helping women look put-together with functional fashion and go-to outfits.  For the past nine years I’ve worked as a TV commercial stylist and with private clients.

I help women conquer outfit overwhelm, shop strategically and with a plan and become a head-to-toe outfit pro.  No one has ever taught you simple, but effective, style tricks and tips (or even fit basics)..

Until now.

Join now to look put together quickly; getting dressed will become as easy as brushing your teeth!

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What if I’m not on FB?

No worries here are your options:

  1. Join juuuuust to join the fun group of community! (What I love about the community aspect is that you’ll see different questions you may not have thought to ever ask and you’ll see people’s different styles etc).

         You can create a fake name FYI. FB has no way to “check” and make sure you’re, well, YOU.

  1.   You don’t have to be on Facebook.  You’ll have access to all the materials you need each week and can go along at your own pace.  For that matter- you can even “do” the course in December if this month isn’t the best for you.   

  1.  I’ll be going “LIVE” on FB Thursdays…likely around 12CST but this may change if for any reason it needs to.

    Saturday mornings may be implemented.

 What if I am in the midst of losing weight? I don’t want to shop yet until I lose the weight.

Just as I tell my clients I am going to tell you. Don’t wait. There is no “right” time.  Especially if you’re planning on losing weight. This course isn’t primarily about SHOPPING.  One week will be dedicated to shopping but that is to STRATEGICALLY PLAN for shopping so when you do lose the weight, you can shop smarter and with a plan.

In fact, this experience would make way more sense for you to do PRIOR to losing weight.

Is there an option to work 1:1 after this course?


Short answer: YES.

Long answer: My 1:1 services are an investment and begin at $525-6,000.00.  It’s exactly why I created this experience so you could work with a stylist at a fraction of the cost because I wanted to share my secrets and decade worth of experience, tips and tricks!   

How will I know to get rid of something or repurpose it?


I’ll ask that you post pictures in the group (if you’re not in the group, you can email me) but there will be three main questions to ask yourself during the detox so you’ll know whether to get rid of it or repurpose.

It’s suuuper easy to get rid of something if it doesn’t fit (you’ll have an amazing cheat sheet for this!) to know whether something fits correctly or not.