Revealed: Sexier You: styles for your silhouette, starts now!


The best gift of all this holiday season?  To have the Sexier You: styles for your silhouette e-guides COMPLETE.

I wanted to give my loyal readers the first chance to get a head start before the official sales release.  If you’re interested in buying the guide ($35-) you’ll be able to do so by 12/25/12. However, you need to do some homework before I am able to tell you which body type you are, that’s where the head start comes in.  Once you purchase, you will need to give me your measurements so I can send you the appropriate body guide!

If you take care of your measurements before the release date- voila, it will be as easy as purchasing and voila- you’ll have this handy tool to use for shopping and cleaning out your closet for 2013.

Learn from the resources I personally use to help my clients dress their very best- including your must have piece for your silhouette. 

In Sexier You: styles for your silhouette e-guide you will learn: 

 1) Styles that provide oomph to your assets

2) Styles that distract from your assets

3) Creating balance with your body (mimic the hourglass shape- the most balanced of them all)!

4) Your sexiest, fool proof, date wardrobe piece

5) The simple 6 “rules” every woman wants to know

If you think you’ll be wanting a guide, plan ahead so when the guide is released you can purchase & immediately receive!  You’ll need the measurements listed below.  (Use a soft cloth tape measurer and grab a friend or stop by your local dry cleaners)!


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