20 Head-to-toe outfits on your phone

20 Head-to-toe outfits, Hanna Lee Style,www.hannaleestyle.com

Have you ever said, “I have nothing to wear!”  yet your closet is literally packed.  Shoes are almost spilling out.  And you’ve got some really great pieces ? (In fact, probably a lot of hidden gems you’ve forgotten about.)

Here’s your solution: 20 expertly styled, head-to-toe outfits done for you from your existing wardrobe!

Feel overjoyed to get dressed in the mornings, have your extra cup of coffee and have too many outfits to choose from.

Watch the video to see this service in action! As a stylist, I love helping people create outfits and utilize what they own. I of course loove shopping but we so often forget what we own and it’s a big help as an outsider to come in with fresh eyes- your wardrobe is totally new for me so I see endless outfit possibilities!

Watch the video here!

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