Three chic & easy holiday outfits

Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating in the US this week!

I’m loving these comfortable ankle pants from Banana Republic and loving even more that they come in all these fun colors!  And they’ll work throughout the holidays as well and for work!

I’d love the red or pink pants paired with a sequin top and a cashmere sweater for Christmas.

This year has been the fastest of my life.  And every day I’m grateful for so many extraordinary people in my life, having a job that I truly love and the simple things we often take for granted.  For all my senses, especially touch and sight. To smell a Thanksgiving dinner.  To see family and friends. To hug my husband.

Thank YOU being a reader of Hanna Lee Style and allowing me to do what I love best- shop and help women feel fabulous!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

p.s- My other true love? Is children.  I truly want every child to feel that they matter, they are loved and they are emotionally safe and secure.  So it’s why I am working on a really exciting project called FEEL S.A.F.E BACKPACKS (stuffed animals for everyone).  We’re gathering 100 backpacks filled with crayons, coloring books, a stuffed animal, and hat/gloves.  If you’d like to contribute or know someone that could help, I would love to hear from you!   We’ll be handing out these packs specifically for Christmas but planning on extending it to be MUCH bigger. 

We’re live on Facebook, please friend FEELSAFEBACKPACKS if you’re interested to learn how you can help.



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