3 everyday items, 3 new uses

I love when a product has multiple uses so here are a few of my favorites:


Are your sweaters pilling?  If so- use a disposable razor and shave lightly!  If the sweater does not seem to be any better after shaving – let go.   (So many closet audits lately and I am LOVING how willing people are to let go of the wardrobe that no longer is serving them. It’s a waste of space and most importantly- your energy)!




For all my ladies that travel- I LOVE this little trick.  Use your hot iron (yes, the same one you use for your hair) to iron out any major creases in your wardrobe- it’s especially handy for that small spot between buttons on your dress shirts.  Use on cotton only!  Or do you need a quick hem? Hem tape and this hot iron will help you out in a pinch.


Have a brooch someone gave you as an heirloom or gift?  Pin the brooch when you’re wearing your favorite crossover sweater. It can look messy- the crossover does not have to look perfect!   Pair it with a denim and voila, great outfit!

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