How to: choose your shopping budget

Everyone’s shopping budget is different.  Some seasons you’ll want to spend more than others.  I’m often asked “How much should I expect to spend?”  Here’s the best way I can answer that question.


1.  How much do you want to spend? How much can you?   You know your finances better than I.  Here are some averages my clients and myself spend:

Jeans cost $125.00+

A pair of Cole Haan wedges average $140.00

A Theory suit averages $400-600.00+

Pull-it-all-together blazer or jacket $350+


2. Make. A. List. 

  • I describe basic essentials: pieces that will make your life easier and provide more outfits.  Depending on your lifestyle these essentials vary.  But most women I work with want quality suits, heels, flats and denim. 
  • If you need 10 essential pieces: $200.00+/piece so estimate $2,000.00
  • Wants. This includes your dreamy handbag.


3. Allocate funds accordingly.  Cost per wear and do you care?   I encourage people spend money on quality if they are wearing that piece often.  This cost per wear is based off of wearing once per week. You likely wear favorite shoes or denim at least three times per week. 

For example, if you’re wearing suits often and get bored easily with top options; you may opt to buy less expensive jewelry so you can have more (looks and options.)  I know you’ve likely got your investment watch and earrings taken care of.   

Classic essentials don’t go out of style and that’s why I still wear my grandmothers pieces she had from 30 years ago.  Whether it’s a classic YSL trench coat or a Chanel bags, some items literally never go out of style!


4.  The rule of 3.  Essential investment pieces should be able to be worn with at least three other things in your wardrobe.  Most of your wardrobe, in fact, should work well together.  (Of course you’ll have those once-and-done pieces!)

5. Choose a budget and make a plan!  I always have a plan before I shop.  It’s why I am an effective shopper.  And, you can always return unused wardrobe so if you get home and it doesn’t work, return it!


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  1. Trivinski Taylor
    Trivinski Taylor says:

    Good Morning Hanna,
    My name is Trivinski Taylor a personal stylist based in Houston Texas ( soon to be NY). Upon university graduation in a few months I plan to move to New York ready to take the city by storm as a personal stylist.I recently turned my focus to personal styling and began branding my business even though I’m a “new” stylist I can’t imagine doing anything else. I’ve faced months of hesitation on actually starting in the business because I feared failure and could not locate anyone who was established in the industry to seek helpful advice from. I want to sincerely thank you, because you have inspired me and officially let the fire, through your accomplishments,your blog, and your passion for the career ( I now don’t feel alone) and my dreams don’t seem impossible, because of your business and success in the industry Im now equipped with the confidence that there is a place for me .
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!


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