Perpetual Wardrobe: Bangles


What: bracelets without a clasp (slips on wrist)

Perpetual Wardrobe: BanglesWhat: A bracelet with no clasp.

H&M vest, Alice & Trixie dress, BCBG nude heels, H&M ring, grandma and mom’s bracelets

Wear:  Bangles are great but beware when trying to wear them on a dinner date or if at a party (opt for a cuff instead) these can make unwanted noise if you talk a lot with your hands.


Pick up vintage options at flea markets or estate sales for fun varieties (mixing styles and metals is best) Some of my most worn are from my grandmother (gold) and my mom (snakeskin.)

$ Topshop:           Inexpensive resin options.

$$Amrita Singh: Amazing Indian inspired bangles

$$$Alexis Bittar:  Love!  Beautiful color options.

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