Perpetual wardrobe: Animal print

What: Animal print- just that, an animal print.  A fall staple and on-going trend, animal print will forever be in style. A “trend” that is never a trend.


Wear:  **CAUTION** animal print can be very tough, so buyers beware.  If buying an inexpensive animal print anything, most likely if it looks cheap, you’ll look cheap.

*Stay away from color animal prints that are not the original print colors. i.e- pink zebra stripes.

Your best bet for having animal print is an accessory;

Animal Print

  •  Clutch 
  •  Ivory shift dress (#22 b- my sister’s (thanks sister!) 
  • Black suit (#50)   
  • White turtleneck (#52) 
  • Animal Print


















$          Ann Taylor: very well priced accessories, scarves & belts

$$        J.Crew:  clutches/purses

$$$     Christian Louboutin:  the classic leopard pump

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