10+ Head-to-toe Outfits Plus Follow Up Shopping

Nothing to wear? 15 Head-to-toe Outfits Await…

  • 10 Head-to-Toe Outfits

    With no new purchases, I’ll reimagine your wardrobe and create new outfits. You’ll say, “I would’ve never thought of that!”

  • Digital Shopping Blueprint Revealed

    Discover and shop key pieces that will expand and enhance your existing wardrobe with this digital blueprint. Be confident by knowing exactly what to purchase (plus go-to colors for you!) 

  • Dressing Room Support

    After you’ve shopped on your own or if you’re in the dressing room (yes literally!) send me a picture. I’ll give you my decade-shopping thumbs up or what to look for instead.

Hanna helped me make outfits that I never would have thought of out!  I’ve had so much fun wearing all my “new” old  things!  I would highly recommend Hanna’s help if you are someone like me who was constantly looking in their packed closet and saying “I have nothing to wear.”

Susan KlimalaPresident, The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

During this ninety minute style session discover 15 new outfits from your existing wardrobe so you can look put together with what you already have! (Plus, in the meantime we’ll let go of what’s not working or fitting..)

You’ve already got a great sense of your style.  But you’ve got an overflowing closet and may be stuck in a style rut and dare I say- be wearing the same, predictable outfit.

Whether you’ve lost your style mojo or you need to upgrade your look (a new promotion or phase in life perhaps?)

After our session, you’ll receive a Shopping Blueprint with those key pieces you’re missing. These aren’t just any pieces. They’re pieces that will flatter your figure and expand your existing wardrobe.

Lastly, receive on-demand dressing room support or purchase support. Send me a text with pictures or we can schedule a video call where you’ll try things on. Be at ease and confident you’re making smart purchasing decisions.

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90 Minute Style Session discovering what fits & flatters

15 Head-to-toe Outfit Ideas from Existing Wardrobe

Recommended Key Pieces That Will Expand Your Existing Wardrobe

Shopping Blueprint: Discover what flatters and Pieces to Shop


Step by Step


Let’s chat

We’ll chat on the phone about your style goals and what’s happening right now.

Book Appointment

Book your appointment

Book in an easy-to-use calendar and answer 10 simple questions that are the foundation to our success.

Closet clean out

Closet Clean Out

I’ll help you let go of what no longer works, discuss consignment options and make a donation pile. Discover if a piece can be reimagined!

15 new outfits

New Outfits, Guaranteed “I would’ve never thought of that!”

Re-discover your wardrobe in a new light and discover new outfits in your closet

Key Pieces to Enhance Existing Wardrobe

Digital Sneak (Shopping) Peek

Discover new brands and what clothing would enhance your existing wardrobe.  You’ll receive a link to a digital private store with key recommended pieces.

Dressing Room Support

Literally (or figuratively)

Whether you’ve ordered every one of my shopping suggestions or you’re trying something on in the dressing room and want me to take a peek, let me know. I’ll give you the “yes absolutely thumbs up!” or a gentle “we could do better or maybe a different color..”

Know that you’ve got my complete shopping support! I’m an email away and happy to answer your “does this look good?” style questions.  

Feel confidently put-together

New outfit ideas at the ready and confidence to match!