Closet Clean-Out & Outfits

Closet Clean Out & New Outfits

Two hour session, you’ll try on wardrobe and I’ll advise you if it’s worth keeping or getting rid of.

I’ll let you know if it looks good or if it’s time to go.

Secondly, I’ll create new head-to-toe outfits for you using what you already have.

Lastly, using my decade-long experience, I’ll tell you key gaps to fill in.

She gave me great ideas about how to use pieces I already have in better ways and sent me great suggestions on pieces to add at various price points.  Next time I go shopping, I‘ll know what I’m looking for in terms of color and style, instead of just hoping I find something I like.    –Mel B.

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Know Exactly What to Get Rid of

Know What Key Gaps to Fill With a Private Online “Store”

Outfits Photographed so You Know What to Wear


Step by Step

Phone Consult

We’ll chat on the phone about your style goals and get a sense of each other’s personalities.

You’ll answer an easy (less than 10 question) style intake form.

Closet Audit

We’ll take inventory, talk about what’s working and not. Ask me your questions (should I keep this? Get rid of?)

I’m basically the stylist version of google. Ask away.

Styling Session

We’ll dig in.  In a super casual, no judgment setting (your home) we’ll dive in and create outfits with a goal in mind.

Outfit ideas (but not limited to)

Weddings and Showers
 Evenings at the Opera
Lunch/Everyday Outfits
Packing for a Trip


We’ll photograph each outfit so you have don’t have to remember a thing- you’ll know exactly what to wear.

Wear and get ready for the compliments!

Sit back and relax. Be confident that you look great and have put together outfits.