Closet Clean-Out & Outfits

Closet Clean Out & Inventory

In this one hour session you’ll try on wardrobe and I’ll advise you if it’s worth keeping or getting rid of.

I’ll let you know if it looks good or if it’s time to go.

Secondly, we’ll take style inventory, what’s really working for you? What’s not? This helps guide my strategic shopping and intentional purchasing for you. 

After the session, receive a digital sneak peek from a personal shopper’s point of view. It’s a sample of what I would buy for you if you want to move forward with personal shopping.

She gave me great ideas about how to use pieces I already have in better ways and sent me great suggestions on pieces to add at various price points.  Next time I go shopping, I‘ll know what I’m looking for in terms of color and style, instead of just hoping I find something I like.    –Mel B.

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One Hour Closet Clean Out & Audit

Experience and discover a style inventory and how to use that style knowledge moving forward

Outfit Ideas from Existing Wardrobe


Step by Step


Let’s chat

We’ll chat on the phone about your style goals and what’s happening right now. (Have you recently retired? Become and empty nester and going to downsize your home?)

Book Appointment

Book your appointment through my calendar

Once we’ve chatted on the phone and you’d like to move forward, book your appointment on my calendar.
When you book on my calendar, you’ll answer 10 easy questions.
These questions are the foundation to our style success and guide the audit, shopping and outfits.

Closet clean out

Closet Clean Out

Based on your pre-appointment style file, we’ll edit your wardrobe to suit your current needs so you can focus on wardrobe that will best serve you in this new chapter of life you’re experiencing.

I’ll help you let go of what no longer works, discuss consignment options and make a donation pile. I’ll also suggest if an item can be re-worked in any way.

Digital Sneak Peek

Digital Sneak Peek

After the closet clean out, I’ll know exactly what clothing would fit you best. You’ll receive a digital private store and a glimpse of what I’d purchase for you if you’d like to move forward shopping (AKA a sneak peek into my shopping brain).

Want to only buy a digital shopping package? We can do that too.

Save time getting dressed every morning

Revel in your new time and cleaned-out closet

Enjoy the extra cup of coffee because you weren’t pulling pieces of clothing, that, yet again, didn’t work. After I’ve left, your closet will be edited to pieces that currently work for