Each client has unique style

Why do I love what I do? Because each client I work with has such unique style! It’s my job as a personal stylist to curate wardrobes that reflect their personality and lifestyle (while staying on budget). Speaking of budgets:

Budgets vary.  For capsule wardrobes I work with budgets anywhere from $2500.00-10,000.00.  Expect to walk away with 20-25 pieces (wardrobe, shoes and accessories).

There is no style exactly alike and it’s why I wanted to share this page so you can get a visual glance of what I do!

Ten different clients. Ten different styles.

How do I shop for women? As a visual person I can meet someone and immediately know brands that would work well with their personality, lifestyle and budget. How do I do this? I learn and discover who they are, what they like to do and their personality.

Our personalities and activities say a lot about how we dress.

Here’s what I discover when I work with women (and a few men..):

  • What outfits do you often wear and love? (From this I have such a great visual reference)
  • What do you do day-to day? An attorney is going to have very different outfits than a stay at home mom.
  • What colors do you feel good in? (And what colors do you dislike..)
  • How do you describe their personality? Are you serious? Funny?

Business mixed with personality!

Creative touches and color pops with mostly classic style.

Business casual and travel friendly.

She wanted date night options and every day casual wear outfits.

Easy everyday outfits. Comfortable shoes.

Chloe received this makeover as a gift as she entered the workforce a with a law firm in Chicago!  I love working with young people and hope to continue to do so. She told me that she’s gotten “so many compliments and that she was told,  “she dresses better than most of the younger lawyers and to keep it up.”

I pride myself on shopping multiple stores (4-5 different stores) to achieve unique looks (rather than buying the outfit off the mannequin) and I work with all budgets so I wanted to give an example of this outfit breakdown and its costs.

Blazer: Eloquii $75
Tank Top: Nordstrom $39
Skirt: Target clearance $22
Nude shoe: Nordstrom Rack $59
Necklace: Lucky Brand $24

Total outfit cost:$219.00 (each of these pieces mixes and matches with our full collection)

Curated capsule collections at a glance:

Stay at home mom with activities outside of the house. Comfortable and casual but still put together.

Entrepreneur with flexible work wardrobe! Fun colors and simple staples.

Simple mix-and-match staples with pops of color!

Pattern play with classic staples.

Professional infused with personality.

Want to save time, money and have a highly curated collection that represents you?  Contact me today to setup your home consultation.