Comfortable and stylish work from home outfits

With most of us working from home these days, let’s chat about comfortable and stylish outfits (these will work once you go back to the office as well!)

It’s all about the waistband (a stretchy one that is).  You can add your favorite blazer or swazer (sweater-blazer) up top for your Zoom calls and still be comfortable in your silk bottoms that feel like pajamas so when you stand to get coffee (or chase after your screaming toddler) you’ll look professional and wow your company that you, indeed, got dressed today.

Since versatility is key when it comes to get dressed easily and quickly, I’m going to show you three outfits so you can get a sense of how to wear your chic silk pants in different stylish outfits.

Comfortable stylish outfits exist, here’s how! Whether it’s your favorite wide leg silk pant or culottes, a stretchy waist band is the ultimate comfort when working from home.

This is sexy chic and a great outfit to wear on date night or a night out with girlfriends. If anything “see through” scares you, opt for a full tank instead.

Wear this super easy and comfortable outfit for your next Zoom meeting and then add the faux leather for a chillier evening!

The blazer again works wonders with this silk pant. I have it zipped up here for a different take on a blazer but you could certainly add a tank or shell underneath.

Love the idea of reusing your wardrobe in a different way?

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