Perpetual Wardrobe: cross body bag

 What:  For the busy bee!  Fits across your body.  Or when you are out on the dating game and wanting to holds hands perhaps?   You’ll need a cross body.



Cross body bag: Hanna Lee Style

Gap outlet chambray, grandma’s Chanel purse, J. Ashley pencil skirt.

My grandma also left behind this killer Stella McCartney green patent cross body bag (one of my favorites for long days- it holds a ton!) but it doesn’t translate too well in photos.

If opting to wear this on a date, choose a smaller cross body, this could be a little hefty and obnoxious.



                   $        American Eagle has shockingly cute cross body bags, especially in great faux leathers. Great for the festivals etc in the summer. Casual lounging.  And TJ Maxx has some killer finds too!

                $$       Nordstrom Rack

               $$$     Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, Chanel



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