Capsule Collections Shipped to Your Door

Something in your life has changed and you need to dress the part.

Discover the easiest shopping of your life. Shop from a highly curated box of wardrobe that has been curated specifically for you to meet your style and outfit goals from up to 5 different stores.

Shipped directly to your door. Keep what you love and return the rest (with the ease and convenience of a UPS pickup and pre-paid shipping! Yes, you don’t even need to leave your house to return the clothing.)


Hand curated and personally shopped capsule collections, because you’re not an algorithm and I’m not trying to sell you my inventory.

This highly curated capsule collection is perfect for the woman that wants a pre-made capsule at her fingertips. Everything mixes and matches. You only keep what you love and return the rest. Results in 20 mix and match outfits.

This collection is from three to five different stores to reflect your personality, style and budget.

How it Works

1 | Virtual Meet and Greet

We’ll meet via virtual call or you can send me photos and videos of your current style. This is a must so I can see your figure and shop shapes that flatter you (and your style!)

We’ll discuss your clothing needs, goals, current sizes and your style.

2 | Style Proposal

Receive a follow up email with a vision board of items. Have peace of mind knowing we’re moving in the right direction.

4 | Curated Shopping: Three Stores | One Box

With your needs, lifestyle and budget in mind, I carefully curate from 3-5 different stores and put together a stylish, versatile wardrobe capsule collection, yielding 10+ mix and match outfits.

5 | Capsule Collection at Your Doorstep

Discover a highly curated capsule collection at your doorstep. Everything mixes and matches. You keep what you love and return the box within 10 days of receiving.  Try on in the comfort of your home.


Hanna’s carefully selected wardrobe is always spot on. She’s been a lifesaver in terms of helping me pack for trips and I appreciate her honesty when choosing clothing carefully.

Dr. Melinda L.

Working from home, my closet had become pretty boring/plain. I finally gave up, tossed most things from my closet, and planned to do some shopping. I was quickly overwhelmed trying to rebuild basically everything on my own. 

I wasn’t sure if working with a stylist was for me but after my consultation with Hanna, I knew I would be in great hands.

For people like me who don’t have a ton of time to shop, having Hanna do the shopping and work with you at the fitting is a huge lifesaver!

Having that person to help you decide what’s a good fit, what can go with other pieces, and trying things that might be a little out of your comfort zone is a great experience. It’s wonderful to walk away knowing you’ll have a closet full of options.

Beth W.

This is so fun! I bought half of these while getting a haircut. I leave for sf again Sunday (24th time this year) so it’ll be very exciting to come home to packages.

Kathy C.

It was such a painless process to look good. Thank you so much.

Lynette R.

You are the bomb! Many thanks for a fun filled painless day!

Martine G.

I was relieved to find out that Hanna would be taking me to a store where my money could go further. She made it very easy and enjoyable.

Nicole M.

I knew I would so enjoy you, but you far exceeded my expectations. It has really helped me just having you for that time to go thru things. I now have this huge urge to get rid of some things and now I know I can put things together!

Pam M.

I’ve had so much fun wearing all my “new” old things! She helped me make new outfits I would’ve never thought of and also recommended key pieces to enhance my existing wardrobe.
I would highly recommend Hanna’s help if you are someone like me who was constantly looking in their packed closet and saying “I have nothing to wear.

Susan K.

I’m 1.5 weeks back at work after maternity leave and have used my outfits almost every day. It truly has made getting ready in the AM effortless!

Virginia T.