Do you know if it fits?

Do you know when something fits well (or doesn’t at all?)

 We’re going to start with fit basics.  


  • My #1 tip find the perfect fitting denim
  • Where jackets and pants should hit (it’s often a personal preference but if you’re anything like me and sometimes you want to be told what to do-I’ll tell you the “expert” tip)
  • An everyone-should-know FIT basics 101 cheat sheet.



Think of someone that has great style.

You can’t pinpoint it exactly but I can tell you that it’s likely because everything FITS her. Simple alterations make a HUGE impact. I am not talking thousands of dollars. Under $20.00.  

Doors close tonight, if you want in on this round for a couple of (bad) trips to Target, jump on this right now to secure your spot.

Style school is coming to a close soon folks!
Look like Sansa on a peasant budget, Hanna Lee Style,

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