How to: define your style & build a wardrobe

Every so often I work with women that have not quite defined their style.   And while you don’t have to have one set style (most of us have one dominant and two sub-sets) it’s good to know when you’re in the process of building and investing in a wardrobe.  Your wardrobe should reflect YOU.  I know some work settings can limit your style or personality but try to infuse some of you in your every day look.

Which style are you?   If you have a core piece or two that you’ve invested money in and it isn’t quite you (so you don’t want to let it go) Ask yourself: How can I make this piece more me?  Belt it, add a brooch, tailor it (cut off the sleeves as I did with a Chanel blazer to make it a vest)!

I am counting down the days until my favorite month of LOVE (February) so get ready for a really fun month of great date looks and more!


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