How to shop creatively on a budget

Did you shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale?

Whether you did or didn’t, I bet you were sick of seeing it in your newsfeed, am I right?  It’s so incredibly popular because we all love a good deal, right?

Even my highest end clients want a deal or something on sale.

I get it.

If you didn’t shop the sale, or you weren’t lucky enough to have a grandma that had Chanel (ahem, me) or you’re not a fashion blogger having wardrobe thrown at you, this guide is for you if you want to look (and feel) rich on a real budget.

It all starts with how you want to feel. Here’s a sneak peek.

How you want to feel allows you to search keywords using your desired feeling. For example, I wanted to feel “subtle sexiness.” I wanted a pantsuit and it led me to an outfit I felt like a million bucks in (but only paid $63.00).
How to shop creatively on a budget, Hanna Lee Style,
It’s a step by step guide how to shop creatively on a budget and what to search for.

Secrets from a Stylist Rich Style Real Budgets, Hanna Lee Style,

I’ve created an insider’s shopping guide that reveals my secrets as a stylist:

  • How to shop creatively on a budget (and not be crying about it)
  • Be liberated that you can shop on a budget but still feel confident enough to run into your ex or stand out at the next work-enforced gala (in a good way, not the “oh that dress does her no favors” way)
  • Resourceful that you only spent $60 on a head-to-toe outfit knowing you can still sip margaritas at the beach next year with your bffs

And because we all love a deal (wink) I’ve included lots of fun bonuses:


Three Piece Formula to Look Put-Together, Hanna Lee Style,
What’s your favorite “Rich Style, Real Budget” find?

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