How to wear floral without looking like your grandma (or niece)

How to wear floral

Without looking like your grandma or twelve-year-old niece!

I LOVE floral.  The punches of color are so fresh and fun!  BUT, sometimes our floral frocks can look totally drab and

Three things to look for when buying a floral piece:

  •  Cut & shape: make sure it’s fitted well.
  • Similar to the above, pay attention to the length (I like either an inch or two above the knee or the thinnest part of your calf if you’re tall.)   Too long (grandma) or too short (niece.)
  • Look for bold punches of color rather than soft colors.  Bright colors (like mine below) are way easier to dress up or down. But soft yellows and greens tend to look really young.
  • Look for floral inspired like below.  This dress doesn’t scream floral yet, when I look at it, I see punches of floral inspiration. (Can I use the word floral one.more.time? Yikes!)

Cheers to a bright week ahead!

The focus piece!
  • Wear a military inspired jacket (or menswear inspiration.)
  • Pair with strappy sandal.
  • (Work) it with a black blazer, gold jewelry and kitten pump.
  • (Rock) it and make it edgier with leather (or faux like this one!)
  • Add a favorite black bootie.
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