Your Back Pocket Personal Shopper


This is an annual membership for men that hate shopping and never again want to worry about what to buy for their wives. Receive a clickable shopping list three times a year. The easiest “shopping” you’ll ever have.

Your back-pocket personal shopper for three holidays a year. Receive a clickable shopping list three times a year.

Imagine sitting from the comfort of your desk, opening a private digital store and scrolling through 10 expertly shopped items that are perfect for your wife.  

You’ve done little-to-no work but when she receives said gift (or gifts) you’ll look incredibly thoughtful and like you spent hours “searching” for that perfect gift. The “How did you?..” gift.  

The gift that receives compliments from her girlfriends and the  “I wonder when he became such a good shopper.”

Maybe I’ve already worked with your wife so I know exactly what to buy her. (If I haven’t worked with her- no worries, you’ll simply have 10 minutes of “pre-work” before I get shopping).  

Want to see a sample store ? .  Remember, this is a sample. Her store will be unique to her hobbies, interests, existing wardrobe and home.  

You are amazing!! Thank you so much! I was thinking more like you would tell me “hey try stopping at this store”, but your specific suggestions and links were way more helpful. You made this easy for me! Thank you!
Matt O.

How it Works:

Step 1: Let me know you’re interested
We can chat on the phone or email and I’ll answer any questions you have.

Step 2: Homework
If you’re excited to never shop again just click-and-order, let’s get started. You’ll answer up to 7 questions and send a few photos. Easy.

Step 4: Set dates/holidays
Choose your three holidays you want me to shop for.  I’ll give you 10 days to order/shop from the store prior to holiday date.

Step 5: Sit back and enjoy the easiest gifting of your life
Order as many gifts you like or one. She’ll be thrilled.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this sent to me?

10 days prior to each chosen holiday, you will receive an email with a private link.  It will look like this.

Is it just wardrobe?

No but can be. If you only want wardrobe, you’ll specify that note. However, I highly suggest you allow me to shop for other things including candles, home decor (nothing ridiculous) and jewelry.

How will I know it will fit?

Similarly to when you shop, there’s no absolute guarantee something will fit. BUT, this is part of the pre-work. I will ask you her sizes. This means you’ll have to do some detective work behind the scenes. AKA looking at the tags of her clothing (3-4 pieces as brands/sizes vary).

What if I don’t use all four holidays, will it roll-over?

Nope!  You’re going to get three no matter what so you might as well shop from them (wink). This is a rolling annual membership option, so if you start Jan 1 it will end Jan 1. March 1 it will end March 1 of the following year. You get the drift.


Thoughtfully curated gift giving without the work and hours of searching

3 Digital Stores for three holidays/events / 10 options per store

$850.00 PER YEAR

Annual (Rolling) Membership

  • Your Contact Information

  • Price: $850.00
    Easiest gifting ever. Receive three private, expertly-shopped stores to shop from. Your wife will be thrilled and delighted. Use this secret weapon to be the best gift-giver ever.
Personal Stylist in Chicago

About Hanna

Inspired by her grandma’s iconic functional fashion sense and mom’s interior genius, she loves all things pretty in wardrobe and home.  

How did I get into this crazy career?  After a lifetime of studying my grandma and working as a TV commercial stylist- a dream was born.  When asked if I could do anything?

“I’d be paid to shop for everyday women.”

Hanna Lee Style was born.

(It wasn’t all swim-with-the-dolphins fun and easy. As you can imagine starting a business in 2008, let alone one about shopping? Not suuuuuper smooth waters.)

But here I am a decade later.  Getting paid to help people shop and look put-together.

My dream has come true.


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