The last advice my grandma gave me; I’m engaged!

Celebrating my recent engagement, this totally came up for me and I wanted to share.

The last time I was with my grandma she made two comments that stood out to me.

1) She asked, “Are those your real eyebrows?”  I replied “Yes.”  And- it was hilarious because I have been through quite some trials and tribulations with these brows and it took me some time to love the thickness a la Brooke Shields (oh the horror- maybe one day I will show the many stages of bad brows!)

Most importantly, what she said to me after that, mattered the most.

After the eyebrow compliment she then, side hugged me (kind of awkwardly) and said, “If you make a good marriage, you’ll do as much good to the world as your sister being a doctor.”
I will never, ever forget that.  Especially because I am such a lover of love.  And because my grandma really, really adored Heidi (we all do) but their relationship was just different.  So- for my grandma to say this to me, about something that was oh so important of a value to me (love and marriage).  It was the perfect last conversation we had.

I totally miss my grandma.

Grandma Jean: Hanna Lee Style Inspiration 

I always imagined and dreamt of what she would wear to my marriage- because I knew it would be SO beautiful.  I am sad that she won’t be there and I know she’s a huge part- I have gratefully been given one of her rings for my engagement, so she’s with me daily once again and in this instance, a very fashionable, love (ly) way.

And, Grandma, I’ll have a totally extraordinary, great marriage. XO

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