Chicago Personal Stylist

Personal Shopping and Styling serving Chicagoland

Something in your life has changed. Whether you’ve received a promotion (or want one!), you’re an empty nester and need to dress your new body or you want to look professional without being stuffy-you’ve come to the right place.

You’re frustrated that you stare at your closet and have nothing to wear and you end up wearing the same boring outfit over and over. (Boring? So not you).

Not sure where to shop in Chicago? I’ve got you covered and will pre-shop from five different stores bringing it to one convenient Chicago location.

We’ll meet at a convenient Chicago location.  Imagine coming to a highly curated dressing room with all the clothes in your sizes waiting for you.  (Imagine not hearing, “well we could order that in your size..”) 

Outfits are done for you and put together, no guesswork is involved.  Everything mixes and matches.

Discover feedback throughout the fitting session, including put together outfit ideas, how to wear scarves and other styling questions answered.

Prior to your two-hour fitting, we’ve discussed your style, your current wardrobe and your needs.  Come to one organized dressing room with up to five stores’ merchandise and have the ultimate capsule collection curated so there’s no guesswork, no shopping, and no wondering if they’ll have your size.