Wardrobe Remix: Instantly Outfitted

Discover 20 head-to-toe outfits using what you already own

“I have nothing to wear.”  Yet, you have a closet full of clothes.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone! After working with clients for over a decade and creating thousands of outfits, I can tell you– you have the pieces, you just don’t have the outfits- yet.

That’s where I come in.  Using my ninja outfitting skills, I’ll remix your wardrobe so you have 20 head-to-toe outfits at the ready.

Plus, I’ll shop for you to fill in those missing pieces. 

Sound familiar?

  • Always feel like something is “missing” when you get dressed

  • Have plenty of wardrobe, shoes and accessories but you struggle putting it all together

  • You repeat the same outfit over and over because you don’t know what else to wear (Despite a closet with a lot of wardrobe, shoes and accessories)

  • You stare at your closet for more than 5 minutes every morning deciding what to wear