Do you always feel like you’re missing something?

(despite having so much in your closet?)

Of  course the fashion market wants you to believe this (hello sales!) but here’s the thing- more pieces does’t mean more outfits.

After a decade of styling, working in hundreds of closets and hearing, “I having nothing to wear” (despite overly stuffed closets and different versions of the same pieces over and over).  More pieces does not mean more outfits and I’m going to prove it to you in this online styling experience so you can:

  • Host a webinar and teach your students
  • Meet potential clients and feel incredibly confident like the expert you are
  • Be smiling and happy on a book jacket
  • Show up confidently in your brand website photos and they full represent you

Bonus side effects of Instantly Outfitted..

cut down on your wardrobe (you’ll realize less is more) 

quit wasting money on clothes you don’t wear 

polished looks that are comfortable and put together 



After twelve years of being a stylist, both on set of TV commercials and as a personal stylist, outfitting was by far the biggest problem my clients were having.
It was certainly was not the amount of clothing that was the problem and it’s why I created this online styling service so you could have pulled together, stylish and comfortable outfits using the clothes you already own.

Welcome to this online styling service that gives you lots outfit choices for you in your closet  and don’t have to think about it.

These results speak for themselves

This is fantastic, I have 10 less micro-decisions to make before I even get out of bed. Thank you!

Kristen Herwitz, Business Attorney for Womxn Entrepreneurs

I think the part of this that’s the most exciting for me is seeing the combos you create – it’s helping me visualize how to mix things and I can already tell that it’s easier to do it more of that after seeing your recommendations. 

I can look at the boards and think, Oh – if that works, then I could probably also try that with this other top/pant/shoe.  Yay! This is exactly what I needed!

Marie Greene

The end result..



  • No bots here! Seriously though– we’ll meet (albeit virtually) to chat about your outfit goals and wants, you will see how painless, easy and fun this experience is.


Those hard to style pieces? I’ve got you covered with outfits AND styling tips. Sometimes something as simple as a tuck–will literally change an outfit. That’s where I come in with over a decade worth of styling advice.



You may be missing that one perfect bring-it-all-together piece or if you’re getting brand photos done for your website, maybe you need a quick pop of color to make your branded photos cohesive, I’ve got you covered.

Guaranteed, this is the easiest shopping of your life with virtual click-and-shop personal online styling shopping.

“She paired pieces I’d never have thought of wearing together, and I’ve gotten compliments on the outfits ever since! I’m looking forward to working with her again soon!”

Olivia L.

“I highly recommend Hanna’s Instantly Outfitted service to anyone who has ‘run of out of ideas’ with (or even feels overwhelmed by) their current wardrobe. Hanna reimagined my wardrobe pieces in ways I never would have dreamed, and I’m thrilled by the outcome of this service and her expertise. It’s obvious to me that she listened to my needs and goals carefully – she took this information to build thoughtful outfit pairings that not only reflect my personal style, but elevate it to another level (and make the most of my current wardrobe, in the process). She also divided my outfits by situation / occasion – from work to date nights to casual weekends; I cannot wait to get out in these new-found combinations! Thank you, Hanna, and I’m looking forward to the next 20 outfits!”

Kim L.

20 outfits + Key Piece Shopping Recommendations

  • 20 head-to-toe outfits via app
  • Fill in those gaps with virtual shopping- click and shop from the comfort of your home and know exactly what to purchase to fill in the missing gaps if needed.. Whether it’s an accessory or two or the power (p)layer that will change your outfits forever, click and shop easily and effortlessly.


I created Instantly Outfitted after working with hundreds of women for the past decade and realizing that they had the wardrobe, shoes and accessories (you name it) but they struggled with one common complaint-outfits!

My clients had closets of abundance, yet they couldn’t quite pull it all together.

Meet Hanna, your new virtual outfitting expert.  I’m Hanna, until my mid 20’s, I realized I didn’t know how to put on blush correctly(after seeing my friends with their perfectly blushed cheeks).  I embarrassingly googled “how to apply blush” and was relieved to see I wasn’t alone.

It hit me then- this is exactly how my clients feel around outfitting their wardrobes! They’d never been taught, it hadn’t come naturally, they lacked the time and the know-how to put outfits together.

That’s where Instantly Outfitted comes in.

You‘ve got questions, I’ve got answers!

It sounds like part of this entails photographing my current wardrobe, I assume that this is individual pictures of everything, including accessories?

You are correct!  It seems the average of most women that I’ve worked with tends to be 150 pieces.  I would plan 1.5 to two hours total. (This varies obviously if you have a much bigger wardrobe it will take you longer!)

Photographing the pieces goes surprisingly quickly.

I want to wait a season, when is best to start?

That’s exactly why I started an annual option. With this annual subscription option you’ll have 20 Outfits at your fingertips three different times a year so you never have to think about what to wear again. (60 outfits total) so you can be prepared for every occasion! 

Never again think about what to wear, you’ll have outfits all year long no matter the season.

Do you have photography guidelines?


There are no strict guidelines but I do suggest you find a clean space, like the back of a door for example tends to be the easiest/fastest

Can I upload later if/when I have new things?

Yes!  You do not need to email me your photos to upload, you can do this easily. I’m simply uploading for folks to make their lives easier. 

This services includes creating a look book for each season, correct- referencing my current wardrobe and filling in the gaps?Toggle Title


You will receive 20 outfits, three times a year for a total of 60 outfits for the year.   You can use your outfits specifically for packing trips or you can “use” them seasonally.   

Filling in the gaps: I shop virtually and send you a store where you can click and purchase

Does this service include a 45 min consultation for the year or per season?

Instantly Outfitted (annual) includes two 45 minute consultation for the year. But remember, we can chat throughout via app or email whenever you want!


20 outfits + Key Piece Shopping Recommendations


  • 20 head-to-toe outfits via app
  • Shopping: click and shop: know exactly what to purchase to elevate your outfits if needed
  • Fill in those gaps with virtual shopping- click and shop from the comfort of your home and know exactly what to purchase to elevate your outfits. Whether it’s an accessory or two or the power (p)layer that will change your outfits forever, click and shop easily and effortlessly.
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