Imagine your closet…


Getting dressed has never been easier.

20+ Outfits at your fingertips

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in seconds.

So you

can spend time

where it matters most.

Getting dressed has never been easier: Here’s how it works.

1. Upload your photos in two simple steps using your camera on your phone.

2. Within a week of your closet being uploaded, receive private access to your online lookbook. Walk out confidently into your day knowing you look put together and you can spend your time where it matters most .

Download the app to your phone and have 20+outfits at your fingertips!


Instantly Outfitted isn’t a hypothetical outfitting service on suggestions how to pair. It’s a done-for-you outfitting service using your existing wardrobe so you have head-to-toe outfits at your fingertips.

Save time every morning, knowing you look put together for the day ahead, save money by knowing exactly what you own and practice the most sustainable style of all (using what you already own!)