I teach & help women get comfortable with themselves.

(Ironically this process can be uncomfortable)

Being comfortable is uncomfortable sounds like an oxymoron I know, but hang with me.

I help women get comfortable with themselves so they can have whatever they want in their lives.

..healthier, happier relationships. 

…more calm, peaceful experiences of motherhood.

…better sex with your partner.

…a promotion at work.

...dating after divorce.

Most importantly? A better relationship with yourself.

You are 100% worthy already.

I’m not going to tell you to buy a new wardrobe and suddenly your life will be shiny and easy.

(Trust me, I “looked” the part but I was a mess inside until I re-did the inner work). 

But I can tell you from personal experience that being 100% comfortable with yourself is a life game-changer. 

And I can teach and support you how to do it too. 

Being comfortable is uncomfortable

Here’s why being 100% comfortable with yourself can be uncomfortable…

It means spending time with yourself. 

It means reading a book lazily outside while the sun is shining and not feeling guilt

It means letting your partner take care of the house more than they currently do. 

It means spending money on things for YOU and you only. 

Discovering your likes and your dislikes for YOU and you only. (A lot of women have a hard time with this because we’ve been pretty damn programmed to seek outside validation).  And, don’t get me started on motherhood. 

That your in-laws may judge you. Or how you dress. 

Wearing your hair how YOU want to.

You're already whole and complete.

And, style can be an enhancement.

Like I said before, a new wardrobe is not going to suddenly make your life bright! Shiny! Healthy! 

But, I do know: it can enhance and reflect who you already are. 

Say goodbye to fast fashion or big box stores that you’ve shopped out of convenience.

(That’s not to say a good ol’ pair of Banana Republic sloan ankle pants aren’t great, but…there’s an entire world of wardrobe that is SO YOU out there waiting to be discovered!

You’re a unique human being.

Let’s help you look like your unique self. 

PS- You're doing great. Read that again! 

A year-long styling-meets-coaching program.

Stylist In Your Back Pocket

Stylist in Your Back Pocket is a permission slip to invest in YOU and you only.

The goods...

“She asked thoughtful questions that really made me evaluate where my thoughts were coming from.”

All the stars. Working with Hanna has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m not a fashion or style person, but I’m working on mental health, self-worth, and authenticity. I came to Hanna hoping not for a wardrobe or really even outfit ideas, not shopping (although she exposed me to some amazing pieces!)…but really needing someone to hold my hand and guide me while I grew. She asked thoughtful questions that really made me evaluate where my thoughts were coming from, and now there’s some serious mindset shifting happening and I so appreciate it <3

— Stephanie S.


After Stylist in Your Back Pocket

It feels silly to get to know myself based on fashion, but I think it translates to much more significant areas.

Because of working with you, I’ve learned what I like on myself. I can identify whether I love something for me or I admire someone else’s look but know it’s not ” me.”

It feels great to have this self-knowledge.

When I say “me,I mean the real me, not who I want to be or admire, but what do I feel comfortable and good in. 

— JF

Who's the stylist behind this membership?

Hi! I’m Hanna—owner of Hanna Lee Style. A sensitive, introvert meets extrovert that could spend hours reading or chatting about the meaning of life. A cliched coffee lover, mom, entrepreneur and life-long learner. 

Growing up, my Grandma Jean was my style icon.  She looked so polished and beautifully put together. I loved her style. I loved how she showed up despite living in a super small farm town. 

When I first began my business it was PURE passion- a love for shopping.  (I was 14 years old scrolling Neiman Marcus’ website for hours)

Somewhere along the way or perhaps coupled with TV commercial styling, I began feeling shame around shopping. (The TV and print advertisements were such high-stress and I guess part of me was dumbfounded how stressful it was. I wanted to shout at people “We’re not saving lives folks! It’s JUST an outfit!”) Yikes. 

The waste was out of control. 

That led to my sustainability crusade (coupled with me also inheriting and wearing my grandma’s wardrobe which I love).

I suddenly spent years questioning the business I’d built.

Yet, I kept coming back to it because my biggest value, relationships, was being fulfilled-  my clients were what kept me going.

Yet, unknowingly, shame was present.  “I’m not making a big enough difference in people’s lives,” was something I’d been telling myself and I began to believe it, despite a decade plus of clients telling me otherwise.  

So, finally, I did what I encouraged everyone else to do- I did the inner work (and hired support via therapy and life coaching). Nature helped too.  

I’m saying goodbye to shame around shopping.  I love it and I love matching people’s personalities to their wardrobe. I’m really good at it. 

Plus I’m honoring and combining my highest value, relationships.  

This is how Stylist in Your Back Pocket was born. 

Want to join me? I’d be honored,



A year-long program

Motivational masterclasses

The foundation of personal style

On-demand style masterclasses and workbooks that will give you the confidence and tools to look put together easily without wasting time and energy. 

Yes, this may take some time but the results? So worth it.

(Honestly just by seeing the before-and-afters will get your creative outfit juices flowing).  

Learn the following: 

Module 1: Discover Your Style 
Module 2: Clear the Clutter
Module 3: Get organized 
Module 4: Outfit easily
(and quickly no matter the occasion)
Module 5:Reinvent & repurpose (how to make old clothing new again
Module 6: Shop intentionally (
bye same shirt in 10 different colors)

Bonus workbooks:

3 Ways to Wear Resource Library

Accessorize your way Stylish

Flatter Your Figure: the ultimate guide to dressing your figure


Mystery boxes

ONLY available to SIYBP clients.

Receive up to 3 mystery boxes

Each box has been handpicked for YOU and your style. Expect each box to contain 5-10 pieces that compliment your existing wardrobe.

Keep what you love, return the rest to me.  *I try my best to make these MOSTLY secondhand pieces and a few retail.

Why secondhand? Because it’s more affordable, helps reduce carbon emissions (the fast fashion industry is not good folks!) and unique items to reflect your unique self.   I could keep going but I’ll let you see for yourself!

You must return within 7 days of receiving the box.

Currently only available to US students but non-US residents will receive a private virtual shopping experience

Your virtual closet

Virtual closet for outfits at the ready

Discover 20 YOU outfits.

Using the clothing you already own (and the items you’ve received), I’ll put together 20 outfits that feel most like YOUR personal style.

Use these as a road map for future outfits. 

Plus, this is the perfect motivation to clean out your closet if you ever needed one 🙂


Community support

Want to wear something “out of your comfort zone?” but you’re feeling scared of your inner critic shouting things like “Who do you think you are?”

I will fiercely and lovingly help you answer that critic.

Group calls (1 every 6 weeks) and access to 1:1 Zoom calls are available weekly.

Plus! You also get

private podcast

Podcast Access

Whether you want to listen to the group coaching calls or the modules during your walks, this is great style inspiration-on-the-go. 

The year of YOU

Stylist In Your Back Pocket
Stylist In Your Back Pocket

A year long program


Member #wins!

You have two options:

Choice 1...

Keep wasting time, money and energy trying to do it on your own or avoid it all together, feeling not great.

Self-conscious about yourself and your style daily.

Avoiding events because you’re stressed about what to wear and missing out on other opportunities important to you. 

...or Choice 2...

Be supported and discover your style PLUS receive expert shopping.  

Get to know yourself again.

Take the time for YOU and you only. 

Questions? Here are answers...

On average, people are keeping 7-10 pieces spending $500.00 on each box. 

There are 6 modules total.

Each lesson begins with a video and introduces the concept and breaks it down in a step-by-step way.

Each lesson also includes a downloadable workbook to help you as an added resource to help you.

You’re an adult so I trust that you know, like any investment, you’ll get out of it what you put in.

 I’ve spent over $50k on educational learning and personal-development so trust me, I GET IT. 

I LOVE learning and each program I invested in-I got something.  (Even if that something was to discover what I did NOT want) 😂

A Zoom-style coaching session.  Each is different.

Sometimes life comes up (which I love) and sometimes it’s all style questions.  (A denim that fits) or “I’m having a really hard time letting go of XYZ, can I get some support around that?” etc.

If you need support or a cheerleader, I’m here. 

You’ll have weekly access to schedule a 30 minute Zoom session. 

Use as little or as much as you want.

Not at all but you’ll benefit most if you have classic style similar to myself because there’s a lot of visual examples and I have mostly classic style.   

However, in the first module, you’ll define your style. Maybe you have a boho romantic style or maybe you’re edgy.

Most folks have multiple styles but you tend to have one main style. 

The goal of this course is to help you have a stylish wardrobe so you can get dressed easily. These modules are fashion skills you’ll have for life. 

Yes! If you want to streamline your wardrobe and have a capsule collection, this will work for you.

The videos are short (under 20 minutes) and the workbooks are supplemental guides if you need more visual support.

Oftentimes decluttering is the longest module. And is often the hardest for folks.

I set this up as a year program because I know that LIFE happens. 



Learn to pronounce


  1. 1.
    able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
    “sustainable fusion reactions”
  1. 2.
    able to be upheld or defended.
    “sustainable definitions of good educational practice”

My take? In short, this is a classic wardrobe of staples that lasts you for 5+ years and you don’t constantly feel the need (or desire) to shop. It fits your lifestyle and style.  You can build upon the wardrobe for years (or augment seasonally).  Imagine if you could stop fretting about what to wear or what to buy– this course will help you do that!

I encourage secondhand clothing as it’s well priced but still looks the part. Plus, it’s a win for our environment.

Nope! I don’t know how to sew 🙂 I bought a machine and have dusted it off a few times but that’s a #goal.   It would be helpful to have a seamstress you trust but it’s not necessary for the course.  (But, I do highly recommend it.)

Did you know I thought I wasn’t “creative” until last year?! WILD RIGHT!? I’ve been a stylist for over a decade. I always thought I was “resourceful” but guess what? I’m super creative and I bet you are too!  This course will absolutely help support that hidden creative artist that you are.

This course is pre-recorded so you can go at your own pace.  I know you’re busy and I want you to have the convenience to watch on your own. But it’s also why I included the 20 Zoom calls a year so you can have the support you need when you’re stuck.

They’re all presentation style format -recorded Keynotes.  Each module consists of recorded Keynotes and supplemental PDF’s.

Additionally, you’ll be on the VIP list to live bonus webinars (but no pressure if you can’t make it!

Including my super popular “Clear my Resale Racks..” where you can shop my client duds (aka they didn’t fit).

My loss = your  (shopping) gain!

Trends are fun! And, they’re not super sustainable for many reasons but fast fashion is in the BUSINESS of wanting you to shop.  I’d love for you to ditch that.  Not only is it wasting money (if you fast fashion shop it means you’re likely purchasing clothing every few months and discarding your previous trend) but it’s seriously harming the environment.

Fast fashion’s #1 fabric? Polyester uses up 70 MILLION barrels of oil each year and takes 200 YEARS to break down in a landfill (source: Forbes, 2015).

P.S- In the repurpose module, I’ll show you how to DIY trends if you feel like you’re missing out.

 Additionally, you can find trendy items by shopping secondhand.

You do! I really strongly recommend going in order because after doing this for the past 12 years I can tell you there’s definitely a (proven) method to my madness!

Absolutely, shoot me an email and we’ll get you set up with a gift card. And you should make sure the recipient is into something like this. 

I get it and I used to be too!  In fact when I worked on TV styling days –the main stylist I worked with knew that thrifting “grossed” me out.

If I had only known how much earlier I could’ve found such gems!  C’est la vie. Now I know.

You clean your items. That’s it:)

Buying second hand is only a recommendation.  You can absolutely purchase new!

If you’re ready to become 80% more comfortable with yourself, let's get started.

Stylist In Your Back Pocket

A year long program


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