Keep or Toss: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself

I don’t know if it’s the Fall-is-coming excitement or back to school ads but both myself and clients have been auditing a lot lately, so I wanted to share three common auditing pitfalls and how to conquer them.

1. “It’s okay..”

You know that other “I want to live-in-this” piece? Yeah, that one.  We’re going for that feeling. Don’t settle for “it’s okay.” Because if you’re wearing the it’s-okay piece, you’re going to feel “okay.

BORING! Life’s too short.  Have a smaller, mightier wardrobe that is filled with pieces you love, are comfortable and fit well.

2. “But I may lose weight..”

Will you really though? I don’t mean this as harsh as it sounds.  If you’ve had a recent event (health or child) that has caused weight gain and you’re 7lbs away from X goal? Keep the piece.  More than 10lbs away and you’re still enjoying all that deliciousness? Let it go. You don’t need a reminder to lose weight every time you see those jeans.

p.s-you can always buy new jeans if you lose weight.

3. But, it’s in perfect condition…

“And it doesn’t really fit.” or “I don’t love it anymore..”

Great, that’s useful information! Let it go. Whether it’s not flattering, doesn’t fit or it’s been loved and worn; now’s the time to let it go.

If you working on building a beautiful mix-and-match wardrobe capsule collection; here are the ultimate seven questions to ask yourself when wondering if you should toss or keep.

7QuestionstoKeeporToss, Hanna Lee Style,

7 Simple Easy Questions to Ask Yourself When Struggling to Toss or Keep

1.  Does it fit? (If you find fit confusing..head over here. Before & Afters included!)
2.  Does it mix and match with my existing wardrobe?
3.  Do I feel comfortable in it (if you keep *trying* to  make a piece work- ditch it! It’s a sign it’s uncomfortable)
4. Would I buy this right now if I were out shopping?
5.  Is it damaged? (and worth the repair if so?)
6. Is it reflective of me?  My personality?
7. Do I love it? (*See my note below).

If easier mornings and a simplified closet sounds good to you, consider a wardrobe capsule collection here.


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