Keeping it chic for the holiday: don’t go overboard..

I’m back! The honeymoon and wedding all went so smoothly and I am truly grateful for all the love and support. And, after lazy days on the beach and too much eating, I really missed home and let’s be honest-shopping. Happy to be back to work!

Banana Republic is having a fabulous sale right now. This white dress is perfect for the occasion and for future events as well. And the chambray- you can never go wrong. Wear it in the fall with a chunky knit sweater, tights and boots. Wear it now with this fabulous red necklace or the green/white/navy. Wear with thin bangles or these chunky bracelets.

And, for summer fun, comfort and an extra pop I am loving these Sam Edelman “Trina” sandals at Nordstrom. Choose less color for the necklace if you’re going to wear this sandal.

Happy and safe holiday!

4th of july holiday

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