Lazy (chic) Sunday

I found myself, yet again, wearing my fiancé’s garb on Sunday (just around the house!)- it’s so comfortable and cozy. And suddenly I looked down and felt like a child playing dress up (in big baggy clothing not the pretty child dress up..)

I said something like “Don’t worry I won’t be wearing these when we’re married.” And in my head of course I knew it wouldn’t be any different. Does it really matter if I am wearing his sweatshirts and shorts? Absolutely NOT.  And, there are much cuter and chicer ways to be dressed in your lazy wear on Sunday. Especially if you’re looking to go out of the house or have friends over.  It’s all about how you FEEL.  I definitely was not feeling sexy. I was not feeling good.

Here are much chicer options to be comfortable and cozy. All available at Anthropologie!
(ps- they have great sales in stores right now).  Of course Target has great affordable options too but I had a few lounge pieces from Anthropologie for awhile and wore them forever.

Isn’t this peplum sweatshirt adorable?  I am not insisting you wear a dress on your lazy Sundays, but if you do, opt for this comfy one and throw on a pair of leggings. Voila!

lazy sunday options

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