As a stylist in Chicago I help successful women look put-together effortlessly.  As a very plan-driven, practical shopper, I’ve developed a true love for my “Rule of Three” when considering a new purchase.

It’s why I believe in shopping to expand and enhance your existing wardrobe. Not just “because.”

Now is typically one of my favorite times of year to shop because sales are amazing…BUT I wanted to remind you (and myself) of my only and favorite fashion “rule”: the Rule of Three.  I strongly believe in purchasing items that can be worn threefold within your existing wardrobe.

The Rule of Three, Hanna Lee Style,

With that said, I was shopping Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale last week and was pretty excited about the leather skirt (mostly faux this year-which is great!)

For a lot of women that I work with this may not be in your wheelhouse but for those women that have creative dress codes, I love the above outfits you can do with a leather skirt!

I’ve done a round up here if you want to shop my top picks



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