Leggings: have people stare for the right reasons

If you’re in cold temperatures like most of the country and you’re starting to bust out your leggings for the season, here are a few ways to wear them and not have people staring for the wrong reasons.  Not in the cold?  Lucky you!

Please ladies, treat leggings as you do tights. You don’t wear tights and a short shirt do you?  I didn’t think so (or so I hope!)

If you’re one of few women that has dream legs (good for you!) there are plenty of ways to flaunt those without wearing leggings and a shirt that hits your waist.

When you wear leggings your top piece should cover your butt. You might be saying to yourself “rules schmules,” but please, cover.it.up.

Here are some easy, fabulous ways to cover it up and look chic while braving the cold!

Cheers to staying chic in the cold!

How to : wear leggings
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