Look put together quickly!

In an effort to make my luxury stylist services more affordable (wink) I’ve opened a four week virtual experience here!  I am SO excited to help you look put together quickly, conquer outfit overwhelm and become a shopping pro!

You’ll learn quick tips and tricks to look stylish (without looking like your trying too hard). 

Doors close soon (4 days!) so join now to get dressed as easy as brushing your teeth. 

  • Detox your wardrobe so you can get dressed with ease every morning
  • Repurpose / tailor (I will be giving individual ideas here) so you can get new uses out of loved pastimes and wear them more often
  • Shopping (with strategy and purpose) so you can save time (and money) and only purchase pieces you love and wear often
  • Lastly, we’ll close out with outfits! (Outfit formulas you can copy for stress free mornings)

Here are a few secret stylist tips to look put together quickly:
Layer a faux leather jacket (Forever 21 are my favorite faux leather jackets), layer it under a 3/4 oversized sweater.
Layering 101, Hanna Lee Style, https://www.hannaleestyle.com/hannaleestyleschool/

Quick Style Tips, Hanna Lee Style, https://www.hannaleestyle.com/hannaleestyleschool/    Quick Style Tips, Hanna Lee Style, https://www.hannaleestyle.com/hannaleestyleschool/

Notice the BIG difference?

It took less than 2 seconds to do a “half tuck” and add a necklace.

I am teaching you such simple tips that you can implement immediately to look put together and FEEL stylish.

Can’t wait to see you soon!

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