“Style is caring about how you live and how it looks, and putting effort into doing it with elan. It’s that simple.

Remember, Style isn’t expensive, but it does take thought and time.” Elaine Griffin

MixandMatch, Hanna Lee Style, www.hannaleestyle.com/shoppingtakestime

I wanted to break down this outfit for you so you can see what mixing & matching looks like to curate a unique, put together look (versus shopping at one store). My clients love this and I love doing it for them!

Jacket: vintage Gucci (grandma’s)
Sleeveless blouse: Isabel Marant resale $30
Belt: vintage grandma
Jeans: Paige resale $15 (this was kind of a miracle find.. jeans are so tough to find resale. I had them altered for $15 additionally).
Shoes: Anthropologie $98
Scarf: flea market $30 for 2 scarves and I cut this in half and now have 3

This is one of my favorite all time style quotes because style truly doesn’t have to be expensive (at all)!  But, it can cost time and you should spend time where it matters to you-not stuck in a dressing room frustrated. 

You can look completely put together if you make the time or hire someone to do it for you (raises hand)

Women that hire me are CEO, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Publishers.. women that are BUSY doing what they love living in their zone of genius and they let me work my zone of genius.

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