Mini Shop of 10 Outfits in a Two-Hour In Home Session

This is perfect for woman that have a great base and foundation of style and simply need a mini-refresh.  They’d like a refresh of pieces that would enhance their existing wardrobe. 

Hanna pre-shop 2 stores with intentional purchases in mind and bring these clothes to your home.  We’ll try on this wardrobe with your existing wardrobe so everything will mix and match beautifully.

After this session, you’ll feel a wardrobe refresh as well as having 10-15 new head-to-toe outfits making your mornings easier.

Hanna is so nurturing, takes great care to create a warm environment and has a great eye. She had a few gentle nudges for me and balanced it well with not letting me get anything I wasn’t excited about. She also followed with some ideas after our session.

I highly recommend Hanna.” Kelsey K.

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The Results

Two Hour in Home session

10 Head-to-Toe Outfits

Digital shopping follow up on any key essentials missing


How Does It Work?


Let’s chat

We’ll chat on the phone about your style goals and what’s happening right now. Maybe you’ve entered a different stage of work and life and need a mini-update, whatever your style goals: we’ll make sure you can outfit easily without any wasted time.

Book Appointment

Book your appointment through my calendar

Once we’ve chatted on the phone and you’d like to move forward, book your appointment on my calendar and answer 10 easy questions.

Shopping prior to appointment


I’ll do what I do best- shop.  I will bring a mini-curated collection of wardrobe 10-15 pieces for you to try on during our two-hour session, yielding at least 10 outfits.

Try on new clothing & Head-to-toe Outfits

Outfits & Try On

For two hours at your home we will try on the new pieces I bring to you as well as create new outfits from your existing wardrobe.

Expect to have 10 NEW head-to-toe outfits once I leave.

Wardrobe reimbursement on wardrobe kept

Wardrobe Invoice
Assuming you’ve kept some of the wardrobe I brought to your house, you’ll receive a wardrobe invoice with the purchase totals and returns. Forget the hauling, the time in and out of the car. Everything is conveniently done for you.

10 outfits at the ready

Breathe with excitement, you have done-for-you outfits to wear!

You’ll have new pieces that work with your existing wardrobe as well as a mini-refresh.

Feel refreshed, excited you’ve got a closet full of go-to outfits and you’ve saved hours of time.

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