How to: wear your red dress after Valentine’s day!

The secret to wearing your LRD again?

Layers! How’d you know?  I’ll assume most fashion consultants and stylists like myself are pretty addicted to layers.  Especially with my pregnancy dressing, it’s such a beautiful, easy and affordable way to change any outfit.  Lots of stretch dresses and layers.

From a cozy knit neutral sweater to a leather jacket you can completely change how one dress looks.  You know I love the Rule of Three so find a red dress you can wear for your Valentine’s date night and beyond.



4 ways to wear your red dress


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  1. Lilly
    Lilly says:

    I love this! I have been narrowing my wardrobe down dramatically recently and I have this great red dress that I rarely wear but cannot part with. And this post has totally inspired me to go find some layers for it and take it out for a spin for date night tomorrow. Thank you!! xo


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