Sequin top worn 4 ways

I love sequins. Like I said in last weeks post- I really think a sequin piece should be in every woman’s closet. Caveat, do not, I repeat do not buy an inexpensive sequin top, it will show. (Run your hand gently down the front, if sequins already are falling off- do NOT purchase!)

A sequin top can move so effortlessly from occasion to occasion.  I love pieces that can be worn more than once and you can definitely do that with one sequin top.

You can wear to work, holiday, date night, girls night out etc. That’s a pretty handy piece if you ask me. ( * if wearing on a date, expect not to be too cuddly, sequins are not the greatest to be touched.)  Pop a red lip and a simple accessory, voila you are good to go!

Sequin 4 ways
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