The number one time to buy special event clutches (hint: now)

This is the best time of the year to buy the most neutral, fabulous metallic clutches for all the events after your 9-5.

I’ve found over the years that now is the time to buy and plan ahead for those special occasion events you’ll need for next year’s events (think: wedding season guest.)  Because it’s holiday time (shimmer and shine metallics and neutrals) these options are way more fun than the boring (and limited) options offered during the wedding season itself.  So if you’re in a wedding, guest of, mother of – plan ahead and buy one of these fabulous neutral clutches!  You’ll be able to use if for multiple after 5 events.

These are some of my favorite priced clutches/purses on sale right now from

The Kate Spade is now on sale for $110!


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