Shop your closet in seconds wherever you are!

Your entire wardrobe can be seen in minutes, beautifully, with the wonders of technology we have.

It’s a luxury to see what I have in my closet in an easy, unique and fun experience on my iPad and phone.  Almost as if I am shopping online but it’s all my wardrobe!

Wardrobe inventory HLS

Having my wardrobe photographed/inventoried makes it particularly handy to have:

  • easy, clean access see my wardrobe, jewelry, handbags for my advertising (print work and commercial) jobs
  • for traveling to create outfits
  • see items possible for re-purposing (dye, sequin, remove sleeves, alter..endless opportunities!)
  • shop from my own wardrobe throughout the seasons! Deciphering the trends to see what I have and what I may want
  • insurance purposes documented for those expensive items (handbags, jewelry)
  • Wardrobe inventory HLS

 After this service you will:

  • know what is still in your closet (no more wondering “do I still have that black coat with the leather trim….?”) 
  • see what styles you’re repeatedly buying
  • see colors that you are wearing (and maybe ones that you want to infuse)
  • create a SMART shopping list for the upcoming season saving you money 

After the wardrobe photo inventory many people choose to have the service outfit coordination (75+ outfits created just for YOU from your very own wardrobe…)

Next week you’ll get more details!

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