Size denial?

Size denial! 

During my pregnancy I was in serious size denial. At 28 weeks I was trying on pencil skirts (high-waisted nonetheless) and surprised when they wouldn’t fit above my hips.

It was ridiculous.


Not pregnant but in similar size denial?   Whether you’re holding onto that section of clothing in your closet that was 15 lbs ago, keeping that jacket because it “was so expensive’ or it’s simply wardrobe that doesn’t represent YOU anymore: get it out of your closet!  (Not if your pregnant, put that away in storage for now.)

Standing in front of my closet, feeling annoyed and frustrated that after trying on 7 things and nothing fits, well, I’m more annoyed.

Why am I keeping clothing in front of me I know I can’t fit?  It makes no sense!   Yet, my clients do it ALL the time and here I am doing exactly what I abhor. 

So friends, it’s now or never.  Let go and clean out.  Edit, edit, edit. 

Whether you literally cannot fit a group of clothing or it just doesn’t represent you anymore, LET IT GO. 

Please donate your wardrobe, it can really make a difference in others lives!

Have a great rest of your week,

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