Smart shopping 101: how to avoid impulse shopping

Whenever a new season hits we’re bombarded with new “trends” that we should try right?   They’re likely not for you and it’s exactly why it’s a trend.  By the time summer ends we’re always eager to buy new pieces, especially the on trend items for the season.

Luckily for me I LOVE the new wide legs out for fall (they are way better for my body type)  I found the perfect pair, Level 99 at Anthropologie, the Newport Wide-Leg.

In the next few weeks I will share with you my personal shopping finds, including prices. Stay tuned! What’s on your must have list for fall?


How to avoid the pitfalls of new season shopping:

1. Set a budget

2. Make a list.

3. Use the rule of “3”.  The rule of 3:  only purchase an item that can coexist in your current wardrobe and be worn at least three different ways.  While you may be stuck creatively how to wear it (Ask me on this blog)!  you should absolutely not buy an item if you’re looking at it thinking “how do I wear this?”  A polka-dot top might be perfect and fabulous (and a trend I love for the season)  it maybe another fall trend might be a more wardrobe worthy investment (army inspired, leather, boots etc.)


1. Setting a budget allows you to make purchases wisely versus haphazardly spending.  You’ll also track your purchases this way.

2.  Without a list of what you want or you are looking for, you’ll buy pieces sporadically and it’s mostly why your wardrobe doesn’t really make sense and you’re often left with “nothing to wear,” yet a clothes full of clothing.

3.  You’ll begin to think differently in regards to purchases, therefore, streamlining your wardrobe; building a collection versus a closet full of pieces.

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