2013 Spring trends worth trying…

Some of these aren’t “trends” so they’re worth the splurge. The anorak jacket will always be back every spring, distressed denim is only better as it ages (avoid too many tears and holes, these are just right).  Pastels will always come back but I’d rather you splurge on a neutral handbag you can wear all year long like a fabulous tan color. You can find a great one for the season,it’s definitely a fun way to add to your simple dress & you look instantly “in the know.”

Leather will always be here; splurge on a black or tan.  The peplum is a trend right now but it’s really great for so many body types that it should be worn even after the trendiness of it stops. Especially the rectangle body type ( lack of a waist) this is one of your greatest styles to be worn!

The color block dress will go back and forth but I say save your money when it comes to the trend (but still worth trying)!

I love the chunky heel because they’re so comfortable but I wouldn’t invest expensively in a pair.


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