Look stylish and put together and have a closet full of clothes you love and wear.

If you want to cut down your wardrobe, better mix and match your current items, learn how to identify missing staple items and shop high quality affordably (without fast fashion or starting from scratch) keep reading…

Sound familiar?

Here’s the problem.

You know that in order to look put together effortlessly, you need inspiration on how to mix and match your current items,  how to fill in those missing pieces and you have questions like….

  • Where do I shop to find steals and deals without sacrificing my values and looking like everyone else? 
  • How can I have less wardrobe and more outfits?
  • Where do I find pieces that last but won’t break the bank? 
  • How do I put together casual, stylish outfits?

If you want to look put together effortlessly I have something for you…


Sustainable & Stylish

A step-by-step online course to help you look stylish and put together so easily you can practically get dressed in the dark.


Happy Clients!

Here’s how it all breaks down..


Discover how to easily translate how you want to feel and communicate to the world via your style.

Plus, discover 30+ new-to-you brands (per style) – the ultimate expert shopping cheat sheet.


Thin out your closet from things you just haven’t worn, are out of date or impractical so you can hone in on what is working.

Know your most flatter figuring styles with the Sexier You guide: what to wear to flatter your figure.


Organize so you will have lots of outfit choices ready for you in your closet and effortless mornings.  End up with a versatile set of clothes that go well together in different stylish comfy outfit combos.

Plus, bonus from one of my favorite makers Stephanie, owner and fiber artist of Alex & Grey how to store your scarves.


Outfit like a stylist just by soaking in the glory of the before-and-afters.  Discover the easiest outfit formula to take your outfits from blah to stylish (in seconds).

How to put outfits together for every scenario like:

  • what to wear with skirts
  • comfy casual outfits
  • how to wear dresses in the winter
  • casual outfit

Plus over 40 casual outfits you can copy. Yes, OVER 40.


Discover new life from your current wardrobe and accessories with no-sew tips and tricks anyone can do (even if you have zero creativity!)


Learn how to score quality without the price tag- shop those missing holes like a pro would (as opposed to buying different versions of the same thing over and over).

Learn how to buy pieces that are multi-functional for both work and weekend that tie into clothes you already have.

Plus, save hours of time with my Shop Sustainable Brands Guide:brands that are treating their workers fairly, creating stylish clothing and helping reduce carbon emissions.


It’s the first online styling program of its kind that encourages you to first work with what you already have in your closet and secondly, fill in the missing gaps with sustainable style. Teaching you how to shop secondhand, eco-friendly wardrobe which will delight both you, your wallet and the planet.


Six Modules: Pre-recorded So You Can Listen At Your Own Pace   

Each module is pre-recorded so you can listen when and where you want, go as fast or as slow as needed.

Accessibility: ASL and Transcription Per Module

I’m committed to accessibility and have made this course friendly for all folks. You can watch ASL translation from Kaylee Magro alongside each Keynote presentation or read the transcriptions.  Whichever best supports you!

Workbooks per Module

Not a Keynote person? No problem, I’ve got you covered with workbooks galore! Use these for the ultimate how to’s and styling oh my. The before and afters alone will make you more stylish.

The Ultimate Style Workbook

A dedicated style workbook to get you started and make sure you’re on track with each module.

Private invitation to Sustainable & Stylish insider club

Need extra support? I’ve got you covered with an invitation to the Sustainable and Stylish insider membership. Exclusive ONLY to S&S students.  Discover fun prizes, VIP access to my famed “Clear the Resale Racks,” special discounts, guest experts and support when you need my stylist opinion-I’ve got you covered.


Plus, these bonuses:

Discover style tips to accentuate any figure plus, discover your figure and how to flatter it (key wardrobe goals and pictures too!)

If you like rules and to follow formats- this guide what to wear to fit your body is your dream come true.

There are four main body types covered:

  • triangle body type (sometimes referred to as “pear”)
  • rectangle body type
  • inverted triangle body type
  • hourglass


Learn from a stylist how to accessorize without becoming a walking J.Crew ad
  • Discover your jewelry uniform in 3 simple steps
  • Layer necklaces like a pro
  • Which shoes will elongate your look in seconds (no heels here!)
  • Where to belt & which sizes to buy
  • The #1 scarf fabric to purchase & why

Plus, extra video bonus from jewelry extraordinaire Rachel, from Shop Rach B showing core jewelry tips and tricks to know!


Dress: Maje new with tags (original price $298.00) purchased from thredup.com for $79

Jewelry: grandma’s

Hi! I’m Hanna

After working as a stylist over the past decade, I’ve spent well over $100,000s of dollars shopping, building wardrobes and outfits, so I know a thing or two about shopping.

A few things happened and it’s why I created this course:

  • I became increasingly horrified about the waste happening with the amount of wardrobe available (this began my small baby steps into the world of sustainable style and further research)
  • I didn’t want to keep contributing to overconsumption but I knew folks could use easy style tips and tricks when it came to style and how to put outfits together
  • Clients kept asking me to shop with me (I tried this in the beginning of my career and quickly ended it.)  It was so much more than just shopping. There was so much pre-work involved (hence the five modules before shopping!)

It became incredibly clear to me that our planet + fashion need to make healthier changes, so it’s why I’m combining my love for shopping, put together outfits and sustainable style- making your wallet and the planet healthier and happier!

I hope you join me,


You‘ve got questions, I’ve got answers!

What is a sustainable wardrobe?

  1. 1.
    able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
    “sustainable fusion reactions”
  2. 2.
    able to be upheld or defended.
    “sustainable definitions of good educational practice”

What is a sustainable wardrobe? (Hanna’s version)

My take? In short, this is a classic wardrobe of staples that lasts you for 5+ years and you don’t constantly feel the need (or desire) to shop. It fits your lifestyle and style.  You can build upon the wardrobe for years (or augment seasonally).  Imagine if you could stop fretting about what to wear or what to buy– this course will help you do that!

Do I need to know how to sew?

Nope! I don’t know how to sew 🙂 I bought a machine and have dusted it off a few times but that’s a #goal.   It would be helpful to have a seamstress you trust but it’s not necessary for the course.  (But, I do highly recommend it!)

What if I have zero creativity?

Did you know I thought I wasn’t “creative” until last year?! WILD RIGHT!? I’ve been a stylist for over a decade. I always thought I was “resourceful” but guess what? I’m super creative and I bet you are too!  This course will absolutely help support that hidden creative artist that you are.

Are you live teaching this course?

This course is pre-recorded so you can go at your own pace!  They’re all presentation style format -recorded Keynotes.  Each module consists of recorded Keynotes and supplemental PDF’s.

Additionally, you’ll be on the VIP list to live bonus webinars (but no pressure if you can’t make it!)  Including my super popular “Clear my Resale Racks..” where you can shop my client duds (aka they didn’t fit).

My loss = your  (shopping) gain!

Do I have access to this forever?

Yes! You will have lifetime access to this course.

Do I need a tailor or seamstress?

You may for a few of the up-cycle/reinvent ideas. However, most dry cleaners can do these VERY simple alterations.  If you’re stumped how to find a tailor/ seamstress here are two tips to find a seamstress:

1.Use yelp.com and search your neighborhood to find a good tailor

2. Call three local boutiques and ask them who they recommend

Do I have to have classic style to benefit from this course?

Not at all!  In the first module, you’ll define your style. Maybe you have boho romantic style or maybe you’re edgy..great!  The goal of this course is to help you build a wardrobe that lasts for years (whatever style you have) so you can create a wardrobe that lasts for a long time and in turn, is helping your wallet and the planet.

What if I’m afraid to miss out on trendy clothing?

Trends are fun! And, they’re not super sustainable for many reasons but fast fashion is in the BUSINESS of wanting you to shop.  I’d love for you to ditch that.  Not only is it wasting money (if you fast fashion shop it means you’re likely purchasing clothing every few months and discarding your previous trend) but it’s seriously harming the environment.

Fast fashion’s #1 fabric? Polyester uses up 70 MILLION barrels of oil each year and takes 200 YEARS to break down in a landfill (source: Forbes, 2015).

P.S- In my favorite module, RE-INVENT I’ll show you how to DIY trends if you feel like you’re missing out.  Additionally, you can find trendy items by shopping secondhand!

Do I have access to these all at once?

You do! I really strongly recommend going in order because after doing this for the past 12 years I can tell you there’s definitely a (proven) method to my madness!

Is this size inclusive?

YES! So much so in fact, most of the Sustainable Brand features in the shopping guide are sizes XS-2X.

I’ve been shopping professionally for over a decade so this has become an incredibly important value of mine- size inclusivity.  This course will work for you no matter your size or style.

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