Effectively edit your wardrobe

A lot of audits have been happening these days with clients and I could not be MORE thrilled!  I was with a client this past weekend and she had been holding on to pieces she didn’t even know she had (a prom dress from 19 years ago). You read that correctly.

We all do it though. We hold on to items for sentimental reasons even though we KNOW we’ll never, ever wear it again.

I try to edit my wardrobe all the time and more than ever in the past year.  It helped when I began the Kind Closets project with non-profit, Bridge to Success.  Kind Closets is a resale opportunity for men and women looking to a) make money and b) give back in a kind way.

When the Kind Closets opportunity presented itself, it was a perfect time for me to get real with myself.  I took the coaching I give to my clients:  If a style was not right for my body, I let it go.  Same with the color.

Lighter wardrobe, refining my style and proceeds benefit one of my favorite non-profits. What’s not to love?!

1. Think about your favorite outfits and looks.  What were they and why do you think you liked them so much?

2. Organize your wardrobe by styles

  • Blazers/jackets
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Dresses
  • skirts

3. Now organize the above styles by color.

4. Edit. Go through and automatically pull pieces you have not worn in a year. Really.  One day maybe’s don’t cut it.

5. If you are having a hard time letting go of expensive pieces or memory attached pieces- ask yourself:

  • How can I update this or alter it so it looks better on me and I LOVE it?
  • How would I FEEL if I let it go and knew it was making a difference for someone else? (AKA if you donated the item/items).

6.  Bring any donation bags or sell bags immediately to your car, don’t let them sit around, otherwise you will begin picking!

Are there 5 pieces in your wardrobe you can let go of today?  Happy editing!

Perpetual Wardrobe: Bright top

What: a pop of color bringing attention upward!

I LOVE COLOR.  Be someone in a bold color versus the boring, safe black. Your mood and attitude will change. I promise!

Nothing can beat a bold color!  If you need to- dye it.


Perpetual Wardrobe: Hanna Lee Style

magenta top eight sixty from Nordstrom Rack, Banana Republic outlet necklaces (both), Express ivory pant

Perpetual Wardrobe: Hanna Lee Style

Level 99 denim, Gap chambray shirt, Nordstrom rack eight sixty, Banana Republic outlet necklace



$  Gap.  Old Navy. Nordstrom rack ( where the above is from!)

$$  J.crew has great pops of colors and solids in silks especially.

$$$ DVF has some great brights right now


Let’s take inventory: getting organized

Creating your Perpetual Wardrobe, let’s start small.

Let’s start with these tips.  Start small and commit to two hours.  You’ll be amazed how much progress you can make in just two hours!

Here are four simple steps to get you started:

Assemble:     Assess your entire wardrobe; shoes & accessories, drawers, make it all VISIBLE to you.

Make 3 piles:                 Keep                    Sell/Donate                            Repurpose (one of my favorites!)

Define your style:  Look at your revised wardrobe. Are you classic? Modern? Sexy?  This will help you with future purchases if you consider your style and if you’ll actually wear it.  If you don’t quite know, check out my boards of style on Pinterest. And most likely you’ll have a combination of styles and one dominant one.

Define your color palette: Look at your revised wardrobe, what colors are seen throughout?  Reflect and look at pictures- what colors look best on you?  Ask your friends.  Knowing your color palette is really important!  It really will help with future purchases.

Finally, organize by what you wear most often. Have these items most accessible.

Organize by color and style.


You’ll be loving your newly edited wardrobe and you are on your way to creating a perpetual wardrobe: a timeless wardrobe collection!