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flatter your figure: dress

Which are you?
Triangle: beautiful hips and narrow shoulders, you want to minimize your hips.
Hourglass: your shoulders and hips align, you like to define your waist.
Rectangle: beautiful shoulders and hips, you’re looking to define a waist.
Inverted triangle: broader shoulders than hips, you have a hard time balancing your broad shoulders.

Want to know more of your styles for your body?  Check out my Sexier You: Body Guide, it’s full of styles you should wear (and avoid)!

Wardrobe confident: styles for your silhouette. Package sneak peek!

For the past 6 months I have been working diligently to perfect body type guides and color guides so YOU can confidently be wearing styles & colors that are customized for your body type and skin tone.  Get to know which styles and colors work best for you before the holiday madness begins!

Here’s a very tiny sneak peek from one of the body type guides..

While each of our bodies are uniquely and beautifully different, there are four main body types that women have:

  •  hourglass              (balanced shoulder/hip and defined waist)
  • rectangle                (shoulders & hips around same measurement- undefined waistline)
  • inverted triangle  (broad shoulders & narrow hips)
  • triangle                   (narrow shoulders & shapely hips)

Each of these figures have very unique wardrobe styles that will enhance your ULTIMATE YOU.  These wardrobe styles provide balance and mimic the hourglass figure- the most balanced of them all!  Ever wondered why you can’t wear skinny jeans but your best friend can (tough example- skinny jeans are really for 12 year old kids.) But you get the picture?  Certain styles are just better for different bodies.  It’s why celebrities wardrobe is often spot on; their clothes are PERFECTLY tailored to THEIR BODY.

Because these are highly customize guides-I am only taking 10 spots for November.  Want to hear more and be one of the lucky 10? 

Contact me to hear more about this package.  Not for you?   Give the most unique and helpful gift for the holidays!

The color guides (customized for your hair, eye and skin tone) offer you:

  • 6 CORE colors: your 6 investment colors, think: suits, coats, cashmere, etc.
  • 30 must haves for your skin tone
  • 12 additional cool or warm

4 Quick tips to mimic an hourglass shape

It’s all about balance ladies! If you don’t know by now, we’re all trying to mimic the hourglass shape because it’s the most balanced of the four distinct body guides. (Did you know I have been working on body type guides for the past 4 months? They’re coming, so get ready to see a fabulous 6 page guide dedicated to dressing YOUR body!)

Here are some quick tips to balance your torso:

How to balance: torso

                                                                                          Long torso

To shorten a long waist:

  •   Empire and inset waistlines will immediately draw the eye upward and create balance, shortening your torso. Tuck shirts into high waist pants
  •  Create an alluring neckline to draw eye upward (necklaces, interesting details)
  •  Wearing a cropped jacket will create the illusion of a shorter waist

To lengthen short legs:

  •  Wear monochromatic shoes/pants or tights/shoes
  •  Heels! They will literally raise your height and a neutral/nude/skin tone should be your number one choice
  • Vertical lines on your bottom will lengthen legs

                                                                                           Short torso

To lengthen a short waist:

  • Wear vertical or asymmetrical lines on top
  •  Wear longer tops or dropped waistlines that hit above your hip to create a longer line
  •  Longer necklaces will create a longer neckline & torso (as well as longer purses vs. short shoulder purses

To balance long legs:

  • Wear contrasting colors top/bottom
  • Wearing cuffs on your pants or hem details brings the eye downward
  •  Avoid wearing high heels

Looks 10 lbs lighter TODAY; Sexier You is ready!

Happy New Year!

2012 was a phenomenal year for me in so many ways (business and personal)! I cannot tell you how much I have in store for 2013, I am so excited.

My first big launch of 2013 has arrived.

The Sexier You: styles for your silhouette guide is here and available!  I am so excited to share this with you. A personal resource I use to help guide my shopping trips with women.

 You don’t have to wait all year to make the typical #1 resolution happen: have it today!

You can look 10 lbs lighter by JUST changing your dress style. 

Past & present clients, if you purchase a Sexier You guide I have your measurements so if I see your name after you purchased; fill in “NA” for the measurements section and I will know your body type. 

Chicago ladies!  If you have a group of 4 or more women I will happily come out to your home and take all of your measurements at once. Make it a fun girls night with wine, measurements and new years goals!  *Must purchase guides before I come to your home.  Please add a note in the comment section that you are a) host or b) part of X’s party