The best coats to brighten your winter mood

In Chicago it’s getting pretty chilly earlier than expected so my hunt for the perfect coat has begun! I’ve chosen colors beside black because black gets so boring! With less light in the winter, a bright or different color coat can make you feel more polished. We all want that (especially in Chicago winter.) I found a few amazing coats I ordered via, I’ve ordered a fuschia and a deep blue. Follow me on Instagram (hannaleestyle) to see if they are keepers. Both were half the price they typically are in stores.

However, I found these below to be my favorites especially for the prices. Both UNIQLO coats are $99.90!  That’s a deal.

I LOVE the “Skater Popper” from asos. How much fun would you feel wearing that red coat?

And, last but not least, these MARC BY MARC NEW YORK are on super sale right now at These are my favorite “puffers” I found for the price, color and warmth options.

Take advantage of this personal shopping for FREE (typically a $375 service!) I’m also taking more pictures during my shopping on Instagram so make sure you’re following me if you want more free shopping!


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