I’m going to make a bold statement (considering my love of comfortable shoes ..) this was one if, if not the best purchase I’ve ever made when it comes to a shoe purchase.

Buy them now because they will sell out (they did last year).

They run true to size.  I literally almost wore these daily for three months (and yes, I did get bored of wearing them but the comfort and warmth far exceeded my boredom).

If you live in the midwest, walk miles, stand often and like to stay warm, these are for YOU.  I really wish I could be the rep of this boot because that’s how strongly I feel about it!

Proof I practically lived in them!  You can dress these up with dresses and skirts or wear casually with denim.

Okay, that’s that and you get the deal..if you love them, buy them here to stay warm and look chic this fall/winter. Happy shopping!