I have nothing to wear…

You know your style, have a full closet full of clothing but struggle putting it all together and something feels like it’s missing so you wear the same outfits over and over.

I’m glad you’re here. Your closet is going to be outfitted, shop pieces to complete it and feel absolutely put together so you can spend time where it matters most. 

Your Closet Outfitted is a digital outfitting service that helps women like you achieve outfits that feel really pulled together. 


It’s time for you to look the part, whether meeting new potential clients, for your speaking presentations or social events, now is the time.

Upload your key pieces to your closet. Leave with 20+ pulled together outfits and shop those key pieces to complete your outfits and round out your closet.

What it doesn’t require: Stitch Fix boxes filled with not-you-at-all poor quality pieces, desperation shopping for that important travel trip and “I-guess-this-will-do” pieces that you’ll end up donating two months later, ten hours of wasted time looking at Pinterest for outfit ideas (which is fun- but let’s be honest, a waste of your time if it doesn’t actually translate into outfits for you).