Trendy pants you may actually wear

Trendy pants?

Usually not my thing right…

Until I saw these and both are fabulous, reasonably priced and are a beautiful, airy option when you want to wear a pant this summer!

Oh, did I mention the elastic waist?  Thought you’d like that too!

If you work in a conservative office you’ll likely not be able to wear these but if you work in a business casual environment and are allowed more creativity, you can certainly pair these with a kitten pump and blazer, voila!

Remember, it’s all about balance so look for more structure or fitted tops/jackets when creating your looks with these.



Work:  a white, crisp peplum shirt and a textured blazer.
Date night: feminine blouse, leather jacket and a nude pump.
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Trust me- these look way less wide and intimidating in person! 


Play day:  a fitted white v-neck or tank, layered necklaces with a denim jacket.
Girls night out: white crop top (if you can rock it), bangles
Work: (obviously you’d be in a creative work environment if you can wear these to work!)  Pair a tunic style white dress shirt and belt it. Add a crop blazer for extra style.
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