Product junkie Thursdays: dream primer ($5.98!)

This is so unexpected so I had to share as my first product junkie post..get ready.

This product junkie find came out my desperation, when trusted makeup artist Jen Brown wasn’t around to make me look ultra flawless. I was desperate and needed some major pointers around looking best on camera for video. She mentioned the importance of a primer. I immediately shuddered, having always wanted to try one but scared because of my skin type. Long story short? I decided to jump in and try one and based upon reviews ended up trying this super strange and cheap version. Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel. I LOVE it. I am not kidding someone literally told me “Your skin looks super smooth…” Big deal.

Checkout Jen’s blog and site. She rocks.

After my own research and reading reviews I had to try this cheap version.  It is absolutely amazing. Disclaimer: I have NOT used pricey versions so I cannot compare but trying a product at this price ($5.98) you can’t go wrong!

Check it out! While it’s a little strange and you may not want to flaunt on your countertop;  I am telling you it works wonders.  Don’t let the brand or name scare you, you don’t have much to lose at this cheap price.  And if it doesn’t work for primer? Well, you can always use it for its original purpose!

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