Quick, easy and convenient customized capsule shopping delivered to your inbox.

Welcome to your shopping dream. A virtual group of wardrobe delivered to your inbox that mixes and matches (think Garanimals for adults!)

Let me know what kind of collection you want (date, work, mom, weekend)…you name it and I’ll shop for it.  Just as I shop for my in-person clients, I’ll create the ultimate mix and match collection for you. 25 Pieces in a private online store just for YOU.

Shop from the comfort of your home, sip your coffee (or wine) and cuddle up to your dream shopping experience. Buy and shop when you want.

If you’ve been disappointed with Stitch Fix, Trunk Club isn’t getting it and you don’t have the money to invest in my 1:1 services, this virtual shop is PERFECT for you.

  • Save 12 hours a month.

    Avoid wasted hours scrolling daily on the web to find pieces that you may like.

  • Increased Outfit Creativity.

    When you own less, your brain is more creative. I promise.

  • Pack Quickly

    Whether for travel or work, you’ll pack easier knowing everything you pack will mix and match without thought.

Want to see what a private capsule looks like? Click here.

Perfect for you if…

Struggle buying gifts for your wife:

  • Have a plethora of options at your fingertips at all times for your wife and have go-to gift ideas
  • Keep adding (intelligently) to her mix-and-match collection (Trust me-she’ll be so impressed!)
  • Can give your wife shock and awe that these gifts are so her

Have been disappointed with Stitch Fix and you want..

  • Pieces that are reflective of YOU and your style, not a 90-year-old grandma living in the burbs
  • Expert real-person shopping but can’t invest in my $1750.00 1:1 in person package
  • To shop when you want on your own timeframe

Have no clue how to start curating your capsule wardrobe and you want..

  • A group of 20 mix and match pieces that will get you the result you want (mom outfits, dating, you name it, I shop for it)
  • Easier mornings because everything mixes and matches
  • To save time scrolling through page after page of shopping sites, to yet again, buy that same shirt you have in 10 other colors

Virtual Capsule Collection at Your Fingertips

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Vest, Hanna Lee Style,

I’m Hanna. I help women look put-together with functional fashion, capsule wardrobe collections and go-to outfits.

How did I get into this crazy career? My grandma was my muse and shopping for others was a dream.

After a lifetime of studying my grandma, going to school for fashion and working as an apparel representative styling (albeit inanimate) mannequins- my dream was born.

Here I am, a decade later.